Day 20 – A book with a character most like me

Know Thyself…

This is probably the hardest challenge yet and I have racked my brains about this for weeks but still can’t decide on a character that fits me exactly. There are parts of characters that I see in myself, but only parts. Contenders for this were:

Alicia Johns from Enid Blytons’ Malory Towers series. Alicia is a fun-loving chatterbox who likes to play tricks on the form mistresses. I never actually played tricks in class but I was most definitely a chatterbox (some may say I still am ;)) and had a habit of talking to and distracting those who were still working when I had finished mine. I was also cheeky but managed to get away with it mostly:I was told by one form teacher that I “looked like an angel on the outside but was a little devil on the inside”.

My husband suggested Stig of the Dump! How rude! To be fair, he does have a point. I detest housework and only do it because I have to and would quite happily live in a mess if it meant I could just lie around and read books. How inconvenient that hoovering and cleaning the kitchen get in the way of my leisure time. Le sigh.

Another suggestions was given by an old school friend of mine who I am back in touch with on Facebook: Belle from Beauty and The Beast. She said “Intelligent, avid reader, a good friend with a warm personality and a true beauty.” How lovely is that?

Anyway, in the end I have decided to abstain from this post as I can’t make my mind up which one to go with (does that make me schitzophrenic?) and instead I am going to ask all you to come up with ideas.

Based on what you know about me from my blog, which character do you think I am most like?


   Which character do you think you are most like and why?


7 thoughts on “Day 20 – A book with a character most like me

  1. Given the house you’re living in, we’d have to go with a historical figure…. but I can’t think of anyone that historical. More recently there was Flora in Cold Comfort Farm – I could see you take here role, I think!


  2. Haha, I think it’s hilarious that he thinks you’re like Stig of the Dump, but I certainly would not have guessed that when I was staying at your gorgeous house! Which reminds me, I was thinking the other day that we should try to meet up again soon! It’s almost 2 years since we first met, as it was just before my birthday!! 🙂


  3. The only bookworms that spring to immediate mind are Bella from Twilight (before she became obsessed with Vamp boy) or Hermione Granger. Maybe you’re more a Hermione as you seem very clever, like cats and your ‘obsession’ with your blog writing could be like her SPEW ‘project’!


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