Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark

In three words:

Spooky, suspenseful, thrilling


What I thought:

I love Mary Higgins Clark books – they are my suspenseful comfort-reads and I always look forward to them (and haven’t been let down yet). Remember Me is slightly different in that there is a spooky element to it; a suggestion here and there of paranormal goings on, ghosts with messages or seeking a pardon. Then again, it could just be that the protagonist is going a little insane and imagining it all…

Manley Nichols and her husband Adam move to a rambling coastal house on the sea in search of a fresh start with their baby Hannah. Two year previously her their little boy, Bobby, had been killed when the car he and Manely were in was hit by a train. Manley, still on medication, and trying to come to terms with their loss starts to hear and see strange things in their new house which she can’t explain: the sound of a train roaring through the house, baby Hannah not being in the crib she left her in (replaced instead with a china doll) but despite being terrified, part of her is more afraid that it is her who is losing her mind.

Verdict: This book is still written in the same accessible way that all MHC’s other books are and there are still “baddies” to suss out and clues to follow but this was a great one to read on a dark night…

I read this book for the RIP Challenge.

(Source: this is my own copy of the book)




Book Review: Daddy’s Little Girls by Mary Higgins Clark

The Blurb

“At just seven years old, Ellie Cavanaugh lost her sister Andrea to a brutal murderer. It was her testimony that put Robson Westerfield away, but now, twenty-two years on, he is about to be released. Ellie, now a writer and investigative reporter, senses trouble and travels to her hometown just as Westerfield arrives and begins a campaign to prove his innocence. Ellie still suspects him, as does her estranged father, and both are determined to thwart his attempts. But someone has other ideas…Someone who is picking up where Westerfield left off, commiting other dangerous acts that send Ellie spiralling into a whirlwind of secrets, lies and deceit. Can she uncover the truth before a desperate killer sets his sights on her? As events reach a head, Ellie realises she might be the only person who can seek vengenance for the past…”


What I thought

I love Mary Higgins Clark! You know that – I rave about her every chance I get 🙂

In Daddy’s Little Girl, the book is narrated by Ellie Kavanagh who, as a 7 year old, found her sister Andrea’s murdered body in a hide-out in a neighbouring property. Twenty-two years later, Andrea’s convicted killer (her boyfriend Rob Westerfield) is about to be let out of prison based on some fresh evidence that casts doubt on his guilt and Ellie is determined that he should be put back behind bars. As Ellie hunts for clues and new witnesses that will prove what she always believed – that Rob did kill Andrea – she finds her own life in danger the deeper she delves.

I have to admit, that despite still loving this book (I love all her books) this is probably my least favourite out of all the ones I have read – about 13 or 14, I believe. I can’t really put my finger on why although if I was to take a guess it would be that it was pretty obvious who the murderer was right from the start, despite several attempted red herrings. There wasn’t much guess work or suspense involved. Having said that, as Ellie uncovers more and more evidence the plot picks up real pace and there are the usual cliffhangers and race-against-time’s that are the blueprint to MHC’s novels.

In summary, I really enjoyed this – as I do all her books – but it just wasn’t one of my favourites.


I read this book as part of the Queen of Suspence hosted at Tea Time with Marce (2/6)

and also as part of the R.I.P. V challenge (2/4)



Boof’s Blah Blah Blah’s

On the slopes

Hope you’re all having a great weekend? Mr Whisperer have been snowboarding at the slopes in Xscape in Castleford – just for the hell of it.  Yowzer – it hurts! Two hours of snowboarding, I reckon, is the equivalent of doing at least 1000 squats! I think I used every muscle in my legs and backside (including some I didn’t even know I had) just to stand up on the damn thing. What fun though 🙂 Once we actually managed to stay upright for more than a few seconds it was fun going down the slopes (expecially when Mr Whisperer did the best comdey fall ever). We think we might have a go at skiing next and see what that’s like. Have you ever done snowboarding? What did you think?

This is EXACTLY what I looked like on the slopes 😉


  Mary Higgins Clark challenge

Oh my, I am loving this challenge. Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time will know what a huge fan of Mary Higgins Clark I am! I discovered her books last year by accident and I can’t get enough of them now – they are my ultimate comfort reads. So imagine how thrilled I was to discover that Marce from Tea Time with Marce has started “The Queen of Suspense” challenge. The challenge lasts for a year and I am opting for reading 6 of her books: considering that I read one on holiday last week and I am currently reading another I’m off to a pretty good start. Please check out Marce’s blog if you want to join in with me.


  Meet the Whisperer family

A few weeks ago whilste in the middle of a panic attack about how many review copies I had on my shelves, I had a brainwave: My parents love books; I have loads of unread books; they can help me read and review them. Genius! Mummy and Daddy Whisperer will making their debut in the next few weeks.

And also, I am thrilled to be introducing one of the biggest loves of my life – my gorgoues 7 year old niece, Sophie Whisperer. Sophie, to my immense joy, is a book lover too:  when she was up in Yorkshire a few weeks ago staying with us, I was giving her a goodnight kiss and cuddle and she said “we’re like twins, you and me; we both like books, we both like cats and we both wear glasses”. Exactly! 😉 Sophie will be reviewing some of her favourite books and I can’t wait to see her reviews.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Have you got up to anything exciting or just having a chilling one?