RIP my postman…

No, he isn’t dead but it is still a sad day indeed…….

It breaks my heart to even write this, but my suspicions have been confirmed – my lovely postman, that happy-chappy, deliverer of big brown, book-shaped parcels on an almost daily basis, is no more………

I had suspected as much when I started discovering little red and whiteΒ  pieces of card in my mailbox instead of said book-shaped parcels. These little red and white pieces of card were from the Royal Mail asking me to go into the sorting office in town and pick up the parcels myself! Not only that, but I had to wait a minimum of 24 hours (sometimes 48!!!!) hours before I could collect them. *swoons in a faint*. Do you have any idea what torture that is for a book-lover?Β  Of course you do.

Early readers of my blog will remember these posts (here and here) I did about my lovely postman back when I started blogging and parcels of books started arriving. Ever since our relationship was cemented over a brown paper package, I have been like an excited dog waiting for its master to come home whenever I hear him come up the garden path. There I stand, wagging my tail and salivating over the contents that are about to spill out on to my kitchen worktop. He probably just thinks I’m a wierdo but who cares? I got me new books!!

Anyway, at first I thought that maybe my lovely postman was on holiday and business would be resumed as normal in a few days. But no 😦

Yesterday I was out and about and I saw him! “Mr Postman!” I yelled from across the street, “Where have you been?” This is now a solemn moment as I tell you that he has……….. changed routes. Please pause for a moment of silence, if you will.


Β  *pause*


Now, I am sure that my new postman will soon get the hang of not making me go all the way into town for my parcels. Indeed, old postman promised that he had told new postman to leave my books in the recycling bin for me and lo and behold yesterday there was one sticking out of the letterbox when I got home. That’s more like it: I feel that this could be the start of another beautiful relationship.

So, much as I will miss the dulcit yorkshire tones of my old postmans “morning, love!” let’s end by celebrating the beginning of a new partnership – he brings me books and I beam from ear to ear like a lunatic. Lovely πŸ™‚



Edit/ Check out what message that cheeky Mr Whisperer left underneath:

“I have it on good authority that he requested a new route, as his entire basic salary was being spent on chiropractic treatment due to the volume, weight and frequency of deliveries to our home address! Mr (the long suffering) Whisperer.”


26 thoughts on “RIP my postman…

  1. I have it on good authority that he requested a new route, as his entire basic salary was being spent on chiropractic treatment due to the volume, weight and frequency of deliveries to our home address! Mr (the long suffering) Whisperer


  2. What a lovely post πŸ™‚

    Oh, and you’ll be glad to know – or maybe not,as the case may be – that we get those dreaded red and white cards here in Oz too! Hate them with a passion!!


  3. I know how you feel !!! I was spoiled,I use to get my mail by 9 a.m.and my post lady changed routes.My route is small,so-it was added on to another route.This post lady comes anytime,from 4 p.m to 6 p.m. I hate it! But,at least I don’t have to go in and get it the next day./


  4. we get a mix of post people and various times it is terrible some days ten in morning others four in afternoon ,some leave cards others choose do the sensible thing and leave it at post office two doors down !!,all the best stu


  5. Haha to the hubby! Very cute.

    I don’t have a regular postman or woman to drop of my parcels. They come from all sorts of people. And I’m rarely home to get the mail, anyway, so mostly i find them sticking out of my mailbox or in the side door.

    What a lovely relationship you had with the first one. Cheers to the second, who I’m sure will warm up very quickly to your enthusiasm!


  6. This post is fabulous, love that you saw the postpone from the past and the new is trying now. The note from hubby that is absolutely lovable, he is fantastic, definitely a keeper, lol


  7. You’re lucky that the new one is learning fast. I used to have a wonderful postman, but the new one is terrible. Not only does he walk on my lavender plants, but he also folds letters even when they are in bubble envelops and that I am at home 😦


  8. Loool @ Mr Whisperer! I think my hubby would say the same! But they don’t understand what it feels like to get that wonderful package through the post!

    I came home last week to a couple of parcels on my bed, one from a publisher and the other from Amazon. And i just jumped with joy.

    Glad to hear you have a new bringer of joy! Well done new posty!


  9. lol, I can’t believe you drove your postman away πŸ˜› At least it looks like the new postman is “coming up to speed” and normal business should resume shortly.

    Eek @ red and white cards. I hate going to the post office to collect parcels. It’s such a nuisance.


  10. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. Sadly I can not grieve with you. For my mail lady is my mothers friend because my mother also works at the post office. She never makes me chase my book’s she even gives me the occasional stamp for when I send out my thank you letters. But as I was saying I am sorry to hear about your problem and I hope it gets resolved soon.


    Ps. I am a new follower I just love your posts.


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