This is where I blog

My front room

Welcome to my crib

This is where it all goes on…

This is where I blog and mainly where I read too (although in all honesty the reading part can happen anywhere – in the bath, at traffic lights, in a supermarket queue to name but a few).


My reading room

This is my front room and where I like to curl up after a day at work and chill with my books.  Fire on – check, lamp on – check, book ready – check!

My front room


But no reading / blogging room would be complete without a furry companion and I have two! My cats like to join me on the sofa and only open their eyes if I happen to stir slightly (in the hope that I may be getting up to head in the direction of the kitchen!)

Princess Saffy and Phoebe


Did someone say food???????


Do you have a special place that you like to read/blog?