The real Jamaica Inn

A smugglers hiatus

A couple of weeks ago Mr Whisperer and I rented a big bad motorhome and spent the week touring round and exploring Cornwall and Devon.

On our way north we stopped on Bodmin Moor for a little refreshment at the famous Jamaica Inn –  inspiration for Daphne du Maurier’s novel of the same name.

The building itself was built as a coaching house in 1750 and as a post for changing horses during stagecoach runs over the moor and became infamous for hiding and trading contraband that had been smuggled ashore in Cornwall. The place was so remote and had so much history that du Maurier must have thought it was the perfect setting for her bleak and dramatic book.

Of course I was over the moon when I discovered that there was a little museum there with a whole section dedicated to du Maurier herself with some first edition and some signed books.

Some of the books had such lovely dramatic covers that it made me want to pick them right out of the display and tuck in.

A signed copy of Jamaica Inn from du Maurier to the hotel itself

A set up of du Mauriers writing space

Stop a while...

 I have only ever read two Daphne du Maurier books and they are Rebecca and Jamaica Inn (that’s why I wanted to go here on our trip) and I know I should read more.

Have you read any du Maurier? Which are your favourites?