Blog Tour: Evil Games by Angela Marsons & Author Interview

angela-3Evil Games

I jumped at the chance of being part of this blog tour because Angela Marsons is my new author crush! I admit I had never even heard of her or her books until a few months ago when I downloaded Lost Girls (#3 in the DI Kim Stone series) on to my Kindle. I finished it, I downloaded the 4 others and read the entire series in 2 weeks. Kim Stone is my favourite Detective right now. She is direct, ballsy and sarcastic. She is also passionate about her job and makes me laugh out loud.

Evil Games is the second book in this series. I honestly don’t think you have to read them in order, but it’s always good to follow characters as they develop and get to know them. Certainly I would suggest that you read this book before #5 (Blood Lines) as the same character reappears and she is a bloody great one too! Dr Alex Thorne, Psychiatrist and evil manipulator is a fabulous creation and one you just love to hate. She has her own agenda at all times and, believing she is far smarter than everyone else, thinks she is untouchable. But has she met her match in Kim Stone?

Author Interview

On desert island books, sociopathy and scary Editors…

I was intrigued to know more about Angela Marsons and how she came up with her awesome creations and was chuffed to bits when she kindly agreed to answer some questions for this blog tour:

TBW: Kim Stone is my new favourite fictional Detective. How did she stalk you into bringing her to life and is she based on anyone you know (even a teensy bit)?

Angela: I love this question especially because you have deduced that I had no choice in the matter! She was in my head for many years before I allowed her to take control of the pencil and it was purely because she was just bursting to get out and have her say. And she hasn’t shut up ever since.  I think some of her directness does come from me. Previously I managed a large team of security officers which is not a job you can do without an element of assertiveness. Although I do like to think I have better social skills than Kim Stone.

TBW: Who would win in a game of Cluedo: Kim Stone, Hercule Poirot or Inspector Rebus? Why?

Angela: Ha, love this! I think they would all come together with their expert deductive minds and solve the crime together.

TBW: You’ve had five books in the Kim Stone series published now. When you write do you have a plot mapped out from the beginning or do you see where the book takes you? Has Kim or any of the other characters ever surprised you?

Angela: I don’t normally have a plot mapped out as I like to be surprised as I unfold the stories.  I generally have a vague idea of the beginning and the end although sometimes that is subject to change too. Yes, as the characters grow and become more real in my mind they begin to dictate some of the action. I may be writing a scene and it’s not working and often I realise it’s because I’m trying to make one of my characters do something that is not right for their character.

TBW: In Evil Games, Dr Alex Thorne is one of the best characters I’ve come across in crime fiction. Evil, twisted, brilliant. How did you research her and did she ever try to manipulate you into taking the book in her own direction rather than yours?

Angela: This has to be one of my favourite questions, ever. I had always wanted to write about a sociopath from a factual point of view. Not necessarily a hands-on killer but someone devoid of remorse and emotional attachment. The more I read about the subject the more intrigued I became.  I spent many hours reading books on the subject and honest first-person accounts of sociopathy.  I think that on occasion she did try and take over the book as I could write about her again and again so I had to limit myself to ensure that Kim Stone maintained the upper hand.

TBW: Can you give us a sneak preview into what is in store for Kim in the next book?

Angela: In the book that comes after Evil Games – Lost Girls – Kim is involved in a time-sensitive case involving the kidnap of two young girls. I can’t tell you anything about the one I’m working on as my editor would kill me and I’m very, very scared of her.

TBW: Have you ever read a book and thought “damn, I wish I’d written that”?

Angela: Disclosure by Michael Crichton. It was the only book that ever caused me to call in sick for work.  I re-read it a few months later to analyse and understand what it was that the author had do to entrap me in the story so successfully. Needless to say, the film was a complete disappointment.

TBW: Who are your favourite fictional characters from other books and why?

Angela: My two favourites are Tony Hill from the Val McDermid series. I love main characters that are a bit ‘off’ and not quite normal. I think it makes for very interesting reading.  My second favourite would be Kathy Mallory created by Carol O’Connell.  She is a police officer who is borderline sociopathic and is an intriguing main character to follow.

TBW: You’re stranded on a desert island for a year. Which 3 books do you take and why?

Angela: A Mother’s Secret by Renita D Silva – I love this author and all of her books and this one in particular brought me to loud, messy unladylike tears.

Bella’s Christmas Bake Off by Sue Watsons – This book made me laugh out loud and if I’m on my own I’m going to need a chuckle or two.

Anything by Kathryn Croft as I’ve been dying to read one of her books.

TBW: You can go back to any time period in history for a day. Where and when do you go and why?

Angela: I think it would have to be the day the Berlin Wall began to fall.  It is such a significant event in my lifetime although I didn’t understand the importance when it happened so would like to go back and experience the hope with the knowledge of its meaning.

TBW: Which other authors (of any genre) do you currently enjoy reading?

Angela: Renita D’Silva – Women’s fiction

KL Slater – Psychological thrillers

Alex Caan – Crime

TBW: Is there a question you wish I’d asked you and if so, what is it?

Angela: Yes, the question would be – How highly do you value the input and time from bloggers and reviewers?

My answer – Very highly.  The time and effort that bloggers and reviewers put into their passion for words and championing the books they love continues to both amaze and inspire me.  On each new release of a Kim Stone book the response blows me away even more.

TBW: Quick-fire round:

Favourite colour: Burgundy

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite animal: Dog

Favourite holiday destination: Wales

Favourite film: A few Good Men

Favourite childhood memory: Christmas mornings with my family.
Thank you so much to Angela for dropping by The Book Whisperer!

How many of this series have you read?



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