Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton

Daisy in chainsWhat I thought:

There is little more comforting that settling down to read a book by one of your favourite authors and knowing you’ll be in for a treat. And little more satisfying than reaching the end and congratulating yourself on being right.

I first discovered Sharon Bolton’s books about 5 years ago (then known as S J Bolton) when I was recommended Sacrifice by a friend. I devoured it. And all her others since.

Daisy in Chains centres on prison inmate Hamish Wolfe, incarcerated for the murders of 4 young women. Despite the court case being lost and Wolfe being found guilty, he wages a campaign to get lawyer Maggie Rose on his side to help him prove his innocence. Maggie Rose has a reputation – that of an illusive, limelight-shunning lawyer who finds loopholes and inconsistencies in evidence that has overturned the convictions of even the guiltiest of murderers. That’s why Wolfe wants Maggie on his side, only she is playing very hard to get.

What ensues is a game of cat and mouse between Wolfe and Rose and we’re never really sure of either Wolfe’s guilt or innocence or Maggie’s belief in him. What I like about Bolton’s books is her way of dropping in bits of information throughout the book, some almost seeming irrelevant at the time. It is held back and then weaved cleverly in to the plot, constantly making your question your assumptions.



In this age of the psychological thriller (and it is – just check out the supermarket shelves!) I have either read far too many of them that I can guess way too early what will happen, or publishers are jumping on a bandwagon and pushing any old rubbish out it sometimes seems, it restores my faith in good writing and plotting when I am left with some surprises at the end.

Great book, highly recommended. And if you haven’t read any of Bolton’s other books please make sure you do, they really are fantastic.



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