The Ice Twins by S K Tremayne

ice twinsWhat I thought:

I think I enjoyed the idea of this psychological thriller which concerns the tragic death of one identical twin more than the actual book. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it – I did – but it never quite reached eerie enough, or creepy enough or thrilling enough for me. After the death of one of their twin daughters, Lydia, in a tragic accident witnessed by the surviving twin, Kirstie,  parents Sarah and Angus move to a tiny Scottish island which Angus inherited from his Grandmother. With Angus away working Sarah Starts to feel increasingly isolated and her surviving daughter is becoming more and more disturbed including telling Sarah that Lydia isn’t the twin who died.

What I did enjoy about this book was the setting – a remote Scottish island only accessible by boat. Wind-swept and isolated and inhabited only by grieving parents who are becoming increasingly distant from one another, a twin who appears to still be playing with her dead sister and a dog who has started to act strangely. There is a very melancholy tone throughout the book which I confess I do like in a book, but I did find it difficult to warm to the characters, particularly Sarah and Angus, so I never really felt fully invested in their plight and never quite cared enough about the outcome, curious though I was to find out which twin really had survived that fateful fall.



Although it was a good read and overall I enjoyed the book, it didn’t feel quite polished enough for me. I will definitely look out for future books by this new author though as this is a very promising start. Recommended if you like psychological thrillers.


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