Playing Big: Find your voice, your vision and make things happen by Tara Mohr

playingbigcoverWhat I thought:

I have to be honest here; I have managed to avoid books about women empowering themselves for 4 decades. Just stand up for yourself I’d think, make yourself heard, we’re equal to men blah blah. I’m not entirely sure where my epiphany came from just recently but after nearly 20 years of more than holding my own in corporate sales (and mainly in IT/Telecoms which is particularly male dominated) I have suddenly realised that women are vastly under-represented at the top. In fact the higher I climb up the corporate ladder, the less of us there are at the top. Why is that and why has it never bothered me before now? I believe it may have dawned on me after having a conversation with a female colleague about the strategy and focus of our organisation and those running it and after having brainstormed ideas and discussed ways of driving some dynamism into the company that I realised that those leading from the top are all men. Not that this is about man-bashing (there are some brilliant minds at the top of our company) but I have realised that we are very conspicuous by our absence.

When I saw this book in the Netgalley catalogue it came just at the right time. In fact it yelled my name. I have read dozens of books on selling and presenting and coaching etc. and, although there are some great books out there, I have never ever read one start to finish, in the order it was written, and actually completed all the exercises in it. EVER. Until now. I think reading it on my Kindle helped as there wasn’t the temptation to go flicking around out of sequence looking for the bits that might interest me more. What’s more, I looked forward to getting back to the book and the exercises every day.

Tara Mohr’s style is conversational, friendly and genuinely made me think. It made me stop and analyse my own inner-critic (and we all have one – but before now I didn’t know what she looked like, spoke like and why she was trying to stop me in my tracks from time to time). I had lots of “a-ha” moments and many a moment for pause and reflection.


I genuinely can’t praise this book enough. In fact I have just ordered a hard copy so that I can make notes in it and flick through parts of it again at my leisure. I found it inspiring and wise and highly motivational. Brilliant book!

Have you read any books by women for women? Can you recommend any others that inspired you?


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