Pop Goes the Weasel by M J Arlidge

pop 2What I thought:

A new kid on the crime block! And a damn good one too!

I am a massive crime fiction fan, and like anyone I have my staples – my trusty back catalogues of favourite authors I can always go to when I want to be assured of a good ole murder – but I do like to explore new crime authors too. Sometimes I am rewarded, sometimes I am not. M J Arlidge has released two books and is already a firm favourite!

I read purchased Eeny Meeny on my Kindle a few weeks ago as it was only 99p (it still is, I believe – so hurry!) and I wanted a crime book for my holiday (short chapters, gripping, sun-lounger fodder). I expected to be entertained but not to love it as much as I did. I immediately requested the next book in the series, Pop Goes the Weasel, from Netgalley as I couldn’t even wait until September for it to come out.

Both Eeny Meeny and Pop Goes the Weasel (and future books, I suspect) are set in Southampton with Helen Grace leading the charge. Grace is a great character – determined, driven and flawed (but not in a clichéd alcoholic, divorcee way) and has a past that both spurrs her on and stops her in her tracks. Much is revealed about Helen Grace’s past in Eeny Meeny (in fact, I normally don’t say you should read crime books in order, as I think with most series it is possible to enjoy out of sequence – but if you do plan on reading Eeny Meeny then read it first as some things are given away in Pop Goes the Weasel that will may spoil it for you).

Pop Goes the Weasel is centred around an investigation into a prostitute who is killing her clients and then dishing their hearts up in courier-delivered boxes to family and work colleagues. Nice. If I’m honest, whereas Eeny Meeny ripped through at helter-skelter pace, Pop Goes the Weasel slightly lost some momentum in the middle for me, but when it picked up again towards the end I was just as hooked.



I am a massive fan of this new author. Some of my favourite crime authors are Val McDermid, Tess Geritsen, Karen Rose, Jo Nesbo, Michael Robotham, and if M J Arlidge continues like this, well…



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