Not much about books but a lot about cake!

Mmmm, cake!

Happy Diamond Jubilee Your Majesty!

I’ve been fairly quiet again in the last couple of weeks but this time I have an excuse: I’ve been baking for England (quite literally last week as I baked a batch of Diamond Jubilee cupcakes).

I have decided to do a little cupcake venture and have set up a facebook page for anyone who’s interested:


Here are just a small selection of the cupcakes that I have created recently:

Bunny rabbit


Sleeping baby

Two sleeping babies


Cat on a mat

A collection of furry / woolly things

Summer’s here! (or at least it was fleetingly…)

Peppa and George

What do you think?


30 thoughts on “Not much about books but a lot about cake!

  1. Oh my, oh my but they are cute!! I did check out your new FB page. Wish you were closer so I could ask you to make me some MineCraft cupcakes for my MC obsessed 11 year old’s upcoming birthday party!!


  2. oh wow, I love the sheep & the sleeping baby.

    What do you use? fondant / royal icing? You basically shaped this by hand right? That’s just amazing & must’ve taken quite a bit of time!


  3. Those cupcakes look fantastic! Cooking and baking are so very different, aren’t they? I hate cooking, but I enjoy baking. With cooking, I can spend hours on a big meal, only to have it all eaten up in ten minutes. Then the mess has to be cleaned up, and that is my least favorite part. Baking gives me a bigger sense of accomplishment because the labor I put into it can be enjoyed for a few days or a week and the mess to clean up isn’t as big.


  4. Oh wow! Who knew? Isn’t discovering latent talent like this fun? The sheep one is my favourite, but I’m impressed by all of them. I wish you the best of luck on your venture!


  5. That is AMAZING Boof! I especially love the little sleeping babies. I have to say, they are a lot more professional looking than some cupcakes I’ve seen in expensive shops!


  6. Wow Boof, you’ve got an awesome talent there! They’re gorgeous, and have such character. I can only imagine how time-consuming making them must be, but so satisfying too. 🙂 I’ve always wondered though: is fondant nice to eat? It’s mostly marzipan, isn’t it? I don’t actually know!


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