Is this the best cake in the world?

How much do you love this cake?

It was my niece Sophie’s 9th birthday last week and this is the cake that my super-talented sister-in-law made for her. Sophie is  a bookworm too – she loves reading pretty much anything she can get her hands on and for her birthday her mum and dad got her a brand new big bookcase to home her expanding collection (much to her huge delight). That’s my girl! 🙂

Six delicious cakey books

Cover of The Secret Garden which Sophie has just read this year


The back of David Walliams' book Mr Stink



34 thoughts on “Is this the best cake in the world?

  1. That is AMAZING. When I first saw the photos, I did a double take because that didn’t look at all like a cake to me! I sincerely thought your niece just got a bunch of books for her birthday instead of cake! I don’t know if I would have had the hear to devour that cake (I’m sure it tasted wonderful!) because it’s such a masterpiece! What a lucky girl your niece is!


  2. Unbelievable! Sophie is so lucky to have a mom that goes that extra mile for her! I’m dying to know how she did it! Get her to post a guest blogger post on here and tell us how!


  3. As Sophie’s Daddy I have to say that the cake was absolutely wonderful to eat (a yummy fruit cake !!!), although Sophie didnt want it cut !!!
    Mummy loves making cakes (although she is shy when people make lovely comments like you all have !!) and has done a few now for family and others, cakes can be seen on my facebook page if anyone wants to see more of her creations !!!


  4. Wow that’s incredible, what a clever cake, Boof! Your sister is awesome. I keep wondering how she made the covers look so … real! Must’ve taken quite a while.


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