Catch Me by Lisa Gardner

In three words:

Gripping, exciting, thrilling



What I thought:

I have been a huge fan of Lisa Gardner after discovering her books about 2 years ago, and I particularly like the Detective D.D. Warren series of which Catch Me is the latest. Her books always start with an intriguing prologue that grabs you by the throat but actually gives away very little meaning that the rest of the book is up to you to work out. I still have a lot of Gardners’ books to read (yay!) so I can only speak for the ones that I have read so far, but what I have found (and liked) is that there is usually an ureliable narrator at the helm. In some cases this is deliberate (for reasons that become apparant later on) and in some cases (i.e. Catch Me) it is because the narrator can’t actually remember any more than she’s telling us so we are muddling through in the same way that she is.

Charlie Grant (or Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant as she insists upon being called) tracks down Boston Detective D.D. Warren on 17th January to ask for help: she thinks she only has 4 days left until she will be murdered. On the last two January 21sts her two best friends, Randi and Jackie, were murdered a year apart and Charlie thinks she will be next. As well as working on what appears to be a serial killer of paedophiles , D.D. is intrigued enough to check out Charlie’s story at the same time, and becomes more so when it appears that the two cases may be linked…

You don’t have to have read all (or indeed any) of this series to be able to get full enjoyment out of this book (I have read only the latest 4 which means I can now go back to D.D’s roots and see where she started out) but I do like the fact that I have seen her character develop. Once hard-nut workaholic D.D. is now mother to 10 week old Jack and living with partner Alex and for once actually looking forward to getting home after a shift. Old habbits die hard though and D.D. ins’t one to let a case go cold and her spidey-senses start tingling like mad towards the end of this one.

What I also liked about this particular book was that characters from some of her other series’ had cameos too; in fact quite a few of them did. Again, if you’re not familiar with Gardner’s books you wouldn’t even notice (and it wouldn’t spoil the book in any way) but for fans this was actually a real treat.

Verdict: One of my favourites. I ripped through it in no time at all and enjoyed every page. Highly recommended for crime fiction fans.


(Source: I recieved this book from NetGalley)



6 thoughts on “Catch Me by Lisa Gardner

  1. Anbolyn says:

    Lisa Gardner is SUPER popular at my library and I’ve always wondered what her books are about and if they are any good – I never seem to find time to read one. It’s good to know that you are a fan!


  2. Nicola says:

    I was thinking I should dip into the crime genre more often so I will look out for this writer. I was also wondering about the Scandanvian detective genre if you have any recommendations about where to start!


  3. Mystery Tribune says:


    I also reviewed this book recently here:

    I personally think even though Lisa has her own loyal base of fans and they might enjoy Catch Me, the plot is a bit formulaic.

    Also after reading several of her books, the familiar angles such as dysfunctional families, danger and violent confrontation feel like fluff.

    Nevertheless, I agree that this was a page turner and full of suspense.


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