The Christmas Note by Donna van Liere

In three words:

Heartwarming, sweet, festive


What I thought:

These books aren’t on sales in the UK shops (not that I have seen anyway). The first time I came across a Donna van Liere book was on a visit to the USA a few years ago in December; we were at a little village in New Jersey with my American family and browsing in a Christmas shop when I saw a pile of these little books on a table and I just had to have them – they looked so welcoming and delicious. I read the first three while in NYC over the next 2 days and I have read them several times since. I ordered this latest book online and read it this weekend and it still had the exact same magic of all the others.

Gretchen has moved to Grandon (the setting of all her books) with her two small children to be closer to her Mum. While unpacking she meets the very odd and reclusive Melissa, her new next-door-neighbour, who is determined to be unwelcoming and succeeds. Melissa had a horrible childhood with a drunk, uncaring mother and when she finds out that her mother has died, Melissa doesn’t feel anything except relief and rebuffs Gretchens offer of help to clean out her mothers appartment. Once she gives in though, she finds a half fisnished note from her mother to herself that opens up a whole new world to her…

These books wouldn’t be for everyone, I accept that. They are very sweet and some may find them too sweet. I just adore them though; they are full of hope and kindness and salvation and magic and they have the most gorgeous covers ever. I have loved every one of Donna van Liere’s Christmas books and reading this latest one has made me want to go back to my shelf and read the others all over again.

Verdict: If you are feeling bah humbug at Christmas, these books cannot fail to cheer you up. Just lovely.


9 thoughts on “The Christmas Note by Donna van Liere

  1. Leeswammes says:

    Sounds like a fun series of books, although I doubt that I would want to read more than one at the time. When you say “little books” do you mean Peter Rabbit kind of little (book size) or the number of pages?


  2. amymckie says:

    Unfortunate that they aren’t available in the UK yet. It’s always so annoying when books aren’t universally available isn’t it? They sound sweet and cute, you are right.


  3. Anbolyn says:

    These are very, very popular at my library. I pulled quite a few of these off the shelves this week to fulfill holds. I’ve always wondered if they were good. I should probably read one as I am definitely feeling like a scrooge right now!


  4. Hilde says:

    I love this series and have bought and read one almost every Christmas since the first one was published. Around Christmas I like to read something light and sweet with a Christmas theme, and Donna VanLiere never disappoints.


  5. Judy T. says:

    I loved the story in The Christmas Note, but felt incomplete when Melissa and Gretchen found their brother and the story ends with: The next act is about to begin.
    What is the name of the book where this story continues with them meeting their long lost brother????
    It doesn’t matter to me if the Christmas season is over, I’d like to continue reading about the two sisters.
    Thank you. Judy


    • The Book Whisperer says:

      Hi Judy, I didn’t know there was a follow up to this book where they meet their brother. I would like to read that too but I don’t know which one it is. Have you tried looking on Donna Van Liere’s website? There may be more info on there. Good luck 🙂


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