A winner and a big thank you!

What a lovely bunch…

…of people you all are! Just when I was feeling a little overwhelmed with blogging I got so many messages of support and it really is appreciated. The blog shall remain 🙂



A winner

And now on to more important matters: I have a winner from my giveaway. I love to giveaway books and if I was a millionaire I would make it my lifes mission to be a Bookish Santa Claus. I’m not a millionaire however, so I have to make do with the odd givaway here and there. And the winner from my blogoversary giveaway is the very lovely


Judith at Leeswames Blog


I am really pleased that Judith has won as not only is she one of my favourite bloggers, she is also the mastermind behind the Literary Giveaway that is run a few times a year so instead of giving, now she is receiving. A brand new shiny copy of The Snowman is on its way to you, Judith 🙂


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