We apologise for the interuption…

Remember this dude?

Normal service will resume shortly


*waves hello*

I’ve been a little bit lax lately in blogging terms. After my mammoth 40 day challenge (and believe me, some days it was more of a challenge than others) and the fact that I am crazy busy at work at the moment, my blog has become a little sparse in terms of posts recently. I am behind on reviews (I have about 8 to go up which means getting off my backside and writing them) but I am still reading lots and have some more ideas for posts and challenges coming up so watch this space.



In the meantime, I’ll leave you to ponder whatever happened to these things too…


10p per bar and not a penny wasted

Seriously, whatever happened to white dog poo?

Ba bah ba bah ba bah ba bah.....in the days when you could see 2 films in a row and someone would bring icecream to YOU!


7 thoughts on “We apologise for the interuption…

  1. Take it easy – I’m on a challenge to post everyday this year but after that it’s … party time! I.e., I might not post every day. Or maybe I will. But it’s my choice.

    I wonder about the white dog poo, now that you mention it. Oh wait, isn’t it just discoloured from laying in the sun for a while or so? And now people have to clean up after their dog?


  2. Ooh the little corner shop near me sells Wham bars, the original flavour and also a new cola flavour, I used to love biting into the pink fizzy bit…luvely jubbly!


  3. Haha, i’m not sure I’m missing out on the white dog poo…. I saw a tango bar in the vein of Wham the other day.

    I’m the same and have half finished reviews sitting on my wordpress grumpily. Well we do this for fun don’t we, so just enjoy the break and come back re-invigoriated when you are ready.


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