Day 39 – A book I expected to hate but loved

Love me, love me not, love me…

When I was younger I read and loved Agatha Christie books but that was probably as near as I got to crime fiction until James Patterson which I used to read in a single sitting on holiday. Then back in about 2004, our chosen book club book was layed out on the table and I remember picking it up tentitively and wrinkling my nose at the title. That book was The Torment of Others by Val McDermid.

I remember being almost so sure that I wouldn’t enjoy it (it sounded gory and hardcore and the cover wasn’t as nice as the new one shown below) that I nearly didn’t even buy it that night. Once home, however, curiosity got the better of me and I ended up flying through the chapters, completely enthralled by the twisted tale before me. It was brilliant!

The Torment of Others wasn’t the first book in McDermid’s Tony Hill & Carol Jordan (it’s the fourth I think) but it didn’t matter. Once I had read that book, I went right back to the beginning and read them all in order, pretty much back to back (just like I did when I discovered Gerritsen’s Rizzoli & Isles series). McDermid is one very clever author – I love the twists and turns, not just of the stories themselves but of the killers minds; I loved being alongside Tony Hill as he tries to fathom out their motives and what they’ll do next.


  Have you ever expected to dislike a book and had a pleasant surprise?



7 thoughts on “Day 39 – A book I expected to hate but loved

  1. I m not a chance tale on books now but years ago I would so something like Tom Clancy or Craig thomas I liked when I read them my father is a huge thriller fan so wasskways some of these about so did try them and many others years ago 🙂 all the best stu


  2. i think i fall more into the category of not liking a book while i’m reading it ((which means i should stop reading it and get something else but that’s a whole other issue) but then i get to the end and i love it and rave about it! angle of repose was like that…this big huge book and i’m not liking it and then i flew through the ending…..


  3. A few years ago my classics book group selected The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. I expected it to be really dreary but I loved it! Also Madame Bovary — I know a lot of people hate it, especially as assigned reading in high school, but I was riveted. The writing was great and although Emma wasn’t someone I’d ever be friends with, she was one of those fascinating train wrecks, I couldn’t stop reading it.


  4. Oh, interesting! I have seen a few episodes of Wire in the Blood on Netflix, but didn’t realize that there was a book series that the show was based on… I should have guessed!


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