Day 38 – An author crush

Reader, I heart them…

Is it cheating to bundle these into one (especially as only a week or so ago I did a post about not being able to read Wuthering Heights)? If I had to pick only one sister then it would be Charlotte but how can I leave out poor neglected Anne and yes, even Emily? Yep, I have a crush on them all – thoses feisty, weather-worn Yorkshire lasses who like to roam around on moors and pen stories by candlelight.

I am lucky enough to only live about a 45 minute drive from Haworth where the Bronte sisters grew up with the Vicar father, brother Branwell and their Aunt once their mother and other sisters had all passed away in their childhoods. The Parsonage is still there today and is now a museum and I have wandered though their home on several occasions, looking at the chair Charlotte sat on to write or the sofa that Emily died on (determined to the last hour that she was OK and wanted to get up).


Wonder why their books had that gothic feel?


Bleak, bleak, bleak! Love it!


Haworth Village - cute little town with lovely book shops 🙂

Charlotte is my main crush, having penned my favourite book of all-time – Jane Eyre – and also the wonderful Villette (which I know some people find a challenging read); both books had me in awe and I didn’t want either of them to end. I still have Shirley and The Proffesor to read (and I also have a lovely copy of The Tales of Angria which she wrote as a child). I have also read Charlotte Bronte’s Letters in which she writtes to her friend, nurse, sisters and even William Thackaray and Elizabeth Gaskell!
I have read and loved both of Anne’s books too, and although I did enjoy Agnes Grey it didn’t have the magnitude of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall which was way before its time and I would love to know what sort of a reception it got back then (a woman not towing the line? Pffft!) .
I have made my feelings of Wuthering Heights clear before but despite having had 3 attempts at it, I still don’t feel ready to stop trying. Is it because she’s a Bronte? Probably.
So, there you have my author crush(es).

  Who is yours?



9 thoughts on “Day 38 – An author crush

    • Ha ha, sorry to disappoint you Judith! I’m not sure I have ever fancied any authors but I do get REALLY starstruck when I meet them!

      OK, just for you…. let me think…..Martyn Waites (one half of Tania Carver duo) is quite hot despite his funky taste in shirts, Peter Robinson is pretty hot for an older dude, R J Ellory is quite fanciable but only with the beard (which is weird as I’m not normally a beardy kinda gal – I think the gingerness adds a certain something), Jo Nesbo is cute in a rugged scandanavian way, Joe Hill is hot in a rugged, unwashed kind of way…….is that enough or shall I go on??? 😉


      • Interesting! Thanks for sharing your taste in men. 🙂

        You seem to like the rugged types. I also don’t like beards, not even the smaller version, aka North American face decoration, that Ellory sports. Brrr.

        You seem to know a lot of good-looking (in your eyes) authors. I’m not sure I’d get very far…


  1. I’ve always had an attachment to the Brontes, because I live a few minutes from the Branwell family home, where their mother and aunt grew up. Haworth is on my “one day” list, and I do wish Yorkshire and Cornwall weren’t so far apart.

    My current literary crush is Leo Walmsley. Purely on paper – i’ve just realised I have no idea what he looked like!


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