Day 37 – A book that I still think about years after having read it

Memoirs of a smitten reader…

There are many books that don’t want to seem to let me go after I have finished those final pages; books that I can’t stop thinking about or that haunt my thoughts for days, even weeks afterwards. I love those books – the ones that get under your skin. However, how many of those book do I still remember years later? Yes, there are books that I look back fondly, even passionately upon, but it is a really special book that stays in my mind so vividly years and years later that every now and then I will be taken completely unawares when one of the characters sneeks into my head and waves hello.

One such book that has that effect on my is Memoirs of a Geisha which I read in the summer of 2003. I can clearly remember entering the Japanese tea houses and walking under the cherry blossom trees so much so that whenever I looked up from my book I was surprised to find myself still sat on a sofa in a house in Yorkshire. I was so emmersed in sayuri’s life for the few days that it took me to read it that I actually felt as though I’ve lost a friend once I had finished: I felt lost without her and her world. Even now, every now and then,  I find myself thinking about not only Sayuri but also Mameha, the Chairman, Nobu and even Hatsumomo and wondering what became of them.

Memoirs of a Gesiha is a breathtakingly beautiful book and one that will stay with me for a long, long time. And when I stop remembering…..I will read it again.


  Which books have you been able to let go of even years later?



7 thoughts on “Day 37 – A book that I still think about years after having read it

  1. It stayed with me for a long long time too, what a fantastic book…I am very keen on books about Japan as it is a fascinating country I used to visit often in my former life as a a flight attendant.I loved to go there…
    I will definitely read this book again too !


  2. I remember reading this in highschool! I devoured it when I should have been doing my chemistry homework (or something of that ilk)… this was definitely one of those books that once I started it, I just couldn’t put it down. Did you ever see the film adaptation? I know I did, but enough time had passed since I read the book that I couldn’t honestly say whether it was faithful or not!


  3. I thought this was a wonderful book too and much preferred it to the film version. (I know it shouldn’t matter but it annoys me when they use non-Japanese actors for Japanese parts and the accents are all wrong! Grr.)


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