Day 36 – A favourite book recommended by another book blogger

What does “need” have to do with it?…

Where to even begin! Since I began blogging my shelves have more than quadrupled in size, my floorboards are creaking under the weight and my husband nearly has a stroke every time he comes near my office and sees piles of books all over the floor! I keep trying to tell him it’s not my fault – it’s all the other book bloggers who keep reading things that make me need to read them too to which he tried to argue that I don’t “need” them. Oh but I do!!!!!

Anyhoo, after much deliberation I have chosen The Likeness by Tana French which ended up in my top 10 of last year. I saw a review of this book written by Sakura of Chasing Bawa book blog and just knew I would love it and I did. If you haven’t been over to Sakuras blog yet, make sure you do – she has a fantastic blog (one of my favourites). If you haven’t been acquainted with this book yet then take a look at my review here and then buy or borrow it! 🙂


  Have you ever been recommended a book by another blogger and loved it?


15 thoughts on “Day 36 – A favourite book recommended by another book blogger

  1. I was wondering which book you were going to choose so imagine my delight when you chose this! I really loved this book too and I think part of the reason was that it reminded me of The Secret History which is our favourite book of all time! And thank you for the link Book! Am enjoying reading your choices:)


  2. I hardly read any books any more that AREN’T recommended on a blog. My reading enjoyment has tripled and I now read many books that I never would have otherwise.



  3. A wonderful choice!

    I must confess that I am very bad at keeping track of where I first hear about books, but I do know that my TBR and my wishlist grew hugely when I joined LibraryThing, and the rate of growth grew and grew when I discovered book blogs.


  4. Yes, I do write down (some) blogger recommendations and read them. Also, I sometimes enter giveaways of books that look good and I haven’t been disappointed so far. So I won a copy of Horns by Joe Hill and of The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb. I would maybe not have read them had I not won them, and they were very good.


  5. I’m chuckling about your creaking floorboards…our obsession with books, sending recommendations, buying, finding, adding all of these books that look so wonderful to read is the biggest reason why myself and two of my bestest friends created the blog, The Literary Hoarders ( because we just needed to form a support group I think to let ourselves know we weren’t alone!
    Tana French has been on my To Read pile for so long! I think I just need to find time to finally pick one up! From your and other’s recommendations, I’m sure I will not be disappointed. Sigh, so many books. so little time!!


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