Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark

In three words:

Spooky, suspenseful, thrilling


What I thought:

I love Mary Higgins Clark books – they are my suspenseful comfort-reads and I always look forward to them (and haven’t been let down yet). Remember Me is slightly different in that there is a spooky element to it; a suggestion here and there of paranormal goings on, ghosts with messages or seeking a pardon. Then again, it could just be that the protagonist is going a little insane and imagining it all…

Manley Nichols and her husband Adam move to a rambling coastal house on the sea in search of a fresh start with their baby Hannah. Two year previously her their little boy, Bobby, had been killed when the car he and Manely were in was hit by a train. Manley, still on medication, and trying to come to terms with their loss starts to hear and see strange things in their new house which she can’t explain: the sound of a train roaring through the house, baby Hannah not being in the crib she left her in (replaced instead with a china doll) but despite being terrified, part of her is more afraid that it is her who is losing her mind.

Verdict: This book is still written in the same accessible way that all MHC’s other books are and there are still “baddies” to suss out and clues to follow but this was a great one to read on a dark night…

I read this book for the RIP Challenge.

(Source: this is my own copy of the book)



8 thoughts on “Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark

  1. I went through a Mary Higgins Clark phase a few years ago and read a lot of her books. This one and All Around the Town were my favourites. I remember thinking this one was really creepy.


  2. I know some people think I’m weird for enjoying murder mysteries as my comfort reads, but they totally are! I particularly enjoy ones that were written in the 1930s or thereabouts, but I do read some modern ones as well. Never read any MHC, though!


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