Day 34 – A book I wish I had written

Coulda, shoulda, woulda…

To be honest, I never actually get to the end of a book and I wish I had written it; if I did then I should have been an author. What I do do at the end of a great book is close it in awe and admiration and respect for an author that can conjour up a world so real that I have actually been there, lived through what the characters have lived and been gutted to leave them behind at the end. If I were to name books that had that effect on me I would include favourites such as The Secret History, The Magus and The Hunger Games as those are books I truly envy the author their imaginations. However, I am going to chose abook that I absolutely loved, lived and laughed through and that book is….

Behind The Scenes At The Museum by Kate Atkinson. Atkinson is probably better known for her Case Histories series books with Jackson Brodie (Started Early, Took My Dog was the latest) but BTSATM is one of her stand-alone books and I remember reading it on holiday in Morocco: I fell in love almost from the first line of the book and it never let me go from then on. Not only was it laugh-out-loud funny in many places (and I love funny books!) but it was also quirky, magnetic, nostalgic and emotional. If I had written a book I would love it to be something like this one.


  Do you ever finish a book and wish you’d written it yourself?



9 thoughts on “Day 34 – A book I wish I had written

  1. I wish I had written Harry Potter, of course. Then I would have more money than God…lol. But honestly, I don’t know if there is a book that I wish I would have written. Maybe one of the Victorian greats which are my favorite.


  2. I have yet to read this one ! it’s been on my shelf for years and I have already been told how good it is !

    I am back from a wonderful sunny and warm week-end in Norfolk…with 28 new books, so exciting isn’t it?! It was almots like driving back in a circulating library ;-D
    I found some of them in charity shops, good bargainsn some I got as gifts from my friends up there, some at Tesco and some in a very nice bookshop in Holt !

    I did all the driving on the wrong side of the road and am very proud of it, I know I can drive myself in England now and do not need anybody ! I might consider doing that one day !


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