Day 33 – A book that I would love to read but never do

Whether I shall turn out to ever read this book…

There are many, many, many books that I want to read and to read soon. I constantly have a mental list of what I think I want to read in the next few weeks but then my magpie instinct take over when shiny new things arrive.

One author that I don’t feel that I have read nearly enough of is Charles Dickens. My first encounter with Dickens was as a 15 year year old when I had to read Great Expectations for school and I hated it! Twenty-two years later I decided to give it another go and loved it, and I quickly followed it with A Christmas Carol which is now one of my all-time favourites. So I am slightly perplected as to why I haven’t read any other since and the only reason I can think of is that they are bloody thick books!

The one I really want to read is David Copperfield and I have picked it off the shelf on several occasions and put it back because I can envisage weeks and weeks stretching in front of me with this meaty tome and with shiny new things piling up around me!


  Which book do you keep putting off even though you really want to read it?



16 thoughts on “Day 33 – A book that I would love to read but never do

  1. Dickens frightens me! I’m not sure I’ll ever get through one of his novels. I always want to read more American classics and I own a lot of them, but my hand seems to bypass them and go to other things.


  2. Someone gave me David Copperfield when I was 7 – it’s a brick of a thing and I tried to read it but ultimately I was 7 and it was many, many pages. It’s kind of turned me off Dickens, which is a bit silly as I’m nearly 30 now!

    My book would probably be Jane Eyre as well – can’t believe I’ve never read it and it’s been sitting on my TBR shelf for at least the last 2 years! I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


  3. East of Eden has been sitting on the TBR shelf for a long time, which is sad because I really do like Steinbeck, mostly (hated The Pearl, it was so depressing, and could not finish The Red Pony. But it’s nothing to do with the writing, it was just the sad subjects).

    I do love Dickens, though sometimes he could use some editing. I admit that I became hooked on Bleak House after watching the amazing BBC adaptation in 2005. I’ve watched it many times, but when I do the book I usually combine it with the audio — it takes forever, but the having the audiobook in the car makes it go so much faster. It’s 28 discs!! If you’re interested in Dickens, there’s a great online discussion group on Yahoo groups, The Inimitable Boz. I think discussing classics online makes them a lot easier to tackle. They’re currently discussing Dombey and Son but Copperfield is next and I’m pretty sure Bleak House will be sometime next year.


  4. My Dad bought me Great Expectations when I was 13 ad this was my first encounter with Dickens and I loved it. It was a far cry from the Stephen Kings and Sweet Valley High books I used to devour at the time! It opened my eyes to a wider view of literature and my reading changed and became much broader after my first Dickens experience.

    For my 18th, I asked for a set of Dickens books, which were white and shiny and perfect. I have read a lot of them but David Copperfield just wasn’t one that I fancied. The Old Curiosity Shop and Great Expectations are my favourites. Might phone Mum and ask her to send me my white (which is possibly yellowfied by now!) Copperfield and I’ll read it if you do!..


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