Day 32 – A book that has been on my shelf unread for more than 5 years

Frankly my dear, this has been on my shelf far too long….

It has been in my home for years. I want to read it. I really want to read it. So why haven’t I?

Has anyone out there read this and can offer a compelling argument as to why this should be one of my next reads? What is stopping me picking it up? (Or could it have a little something to do with the fact that there are several hundred other books in the same predicament on my shelves too? – Damn those new shiny things that keep dropping through my letterbox!)


22 thoughts on “Day 32 – A book that has been on my shelf unread for more than 5 years

  1. Gone With the Wind is one of the greatest American books of all time. Rhett Butler is a dynamic and complex character, and Scarlett is so brash and bold for her time, it will amaze you. It paints a humanity over the Civil War that makes you remember that the South wasn’t all composed of evil slaveholders- there were women, children, and pacifists. It is a MAJOR must-read, and an emotional roller coaster. You won’t regret it.


  2. My oldest unread books are 1.5 years old as I’m trying to get “rid” of the older books. Such a shame to leave them! We bought them because we wanted to read them in the first place.

    Now, GWTW is a book that I feel I should read, but haven’t. Maybe you don’t really want to read it, just think you should? Try 50-75 pages to make up your mind.


  3. This is my second all time favorite book. This is a great book about what a person will do to survive and what one person can do when the chips r down! Scarlet is an amazing character!


  4. I haven’t heard enough to say read or not, not my kind of book. I say start it and find out if the mood is right.

    Also, I’m thinking I will start Heartshaped Box in 2 weeks.


  5. I’m embarrassed to say I have a couple of books unread that I’ve owned for more than 10 years. Maybe closer to 20. I should just give them away, shouldn’t I?

    I’m for giving GWTW a try. I first read it in the sixth grade and loved it (I’m sure some of the more adult content went way over my head). I’ve read it several times since and I still love it, though it’s been quite awhile since my last reread.

    That being said, I absolutely sympathize with having way too many books on the TBR shelf — I have all these books I want to read and new ones keep shoving them back in line! Working in a library makes it worse, I despair that I will die before I’ve read everything I want to read.


    • Ahh, it’s good to know I’m in such good company – I confess that I too have “just a few” books I haven’t read for that long.

      Oh, and I share your horror of dying before I have read all the books I want to 😦


  6. I read this when I was 13 or 14 and remember having a conversation with my mum about why things turned out the way they did in the book and not fully understanding the choices that both Scarlett and Rhett made. But I was totally in love with the book and also the film. It’s long but it’s worth it!


  7. I read this a long time ago when I was in Djibouti, basking in the sun and I just could not put it down, a great, great read indeed !
    This post and all the comments make me feel like reading it all over again.


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