Day 28 – A book I loved that nobody else did


Strictly speaking, this can’t be a book that nobody else loved as it won the Orange prize in 2003 but the reason I have picked it is that when we read it at my old book club when it first won, out of the twenty or so members I was the only one who liked this book.

Property is set in the USA deep south in the mid 1800’s and Manon is the wife of an adulterous slave owner which leads to very sad consequences. Despite the subject matter, I found this book a gripping read and I loved the voice of Manon (who had moments of sarcasm which really appealed to my sense of humour). I can’t really remember much more about this book as it is 8 years since I read it but I do remember being really surprised by everyone in my groups reaction.


  Have you ever loved a book and been surprised by other peoples negative reaction?



14 thoughts on “Day 28 – A book I loved that nobody else did

  1. I’ve never even heard of the book, Boof. It didn’t get a lot of buzz, I guess. I can’t think of abook that I loved but nobody else. But there are some recent books that I didn’t like as much as the masses (like: When God was a Rabbit, or today’s book, Duma Key).


  2. I love books set inn the deep south, and I saw this in a second hand book store a few months ago, I checked the reviews on Amazon and I was put off by them, and I never bought it.

    I agree with Judith, regarding, When God was a Rabbit..I just didn’t click with it.


  3. I too seem to be more of the type to dislike books that everyone else seems to love. A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan and Emma by Jane Austen are two that immediately come to mind.


  4. I can’t remember much about Property, but I definitely remember liking it very much.

    When I saw your title and the words Orange and Prize, Marilynne Robinson came to mind – I loved Housekeeping but Gilead left me cold, though the rest of the world seemed to love it.


  5. I LOVE this book. Strangely, I picked it up from my sister’s bookshelf even though I’m usually the one pushing books on to her. I guess picking good books run in the family:)


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