Day 22 – A book I hope to get for my birthday

Wot, no books?…

OK, there are two problems here:

1) I hardly EVER get books for my birthday or for Christmas (family and friends seem to be under the impression I have too many already – tsk! There’s no such thing!)

2) If I really want a book I will generally buy it / borrow it or be sent it by the publishers if they know I like that author/genre

That may sound like a good enough reason for me not to get books as gifts, but let me tell you – I waaaaaaant them!!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I can see why people would think that it’s a waste of a gift, but seriously – I have an aholism! Bookaholism! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed them books and I need ’em now!

To answer my own question though I’m not actually sure which book I would like to be bought – I suppose a really beautiful edition of one of my favourites, or books signed by authors I always love too. Or I would love to be given a book by somebody who loved it themselves and wants to give me a copy because it means something to them. Frankly, if I were to be given a book that had come from a second hand shop and that cost 20p I would be over the moon – if somebody had thought about me when buying it then that’s a special book in my eyes. Oh, and book tokens…..can you just imagine spending a couple of hours in a huge bookshop, browing, stopping for coffee, browsing some more. HEAVEN!!!

On the other hand, if a member of my family were to win the lottery then I wouldn’t just be asking for books, I’d be asking for a new house with its own library. Any of the below will do, I’m not overly fussy 😉


  Do you get books as presents? Which has been your favourite bookish gift?


9 thoughts on “Day 22 – A book I hope to get for my birthday

  1. I don’t get books these days either, only very sometimes from a friend who knows what sort of things I like (and what I haven’t read yet).

    I think a nice hardback of a favorite book is great to get, or a book that the giver him/herself really enjoyed.

    We want more books for presents!


  2. I never get books as presents, or book vouchers, I usually have to ask for a Waterstones voucher instead of something else. I have received some lovely bookmarks and book plates as gifts. They do some real quirky rubber booksmarks now that are fun. I’m hoping to get a little book light at Christmas 😉


  3. I never get books as presents either but my favourite gift was my Kindle, hands down. 🙂 We had a secret santa in our family and I bought my ‘sister in law’ $100 amazon gift certificate. She said thanks Marce, I looked and said how you know it was me. She said only another book lover would know what a great gift this is, lol. So true

    I’m loving the library pictures. I couldn’t have a bed though, my family might not see me, hahahaaha


  4. HI! My husband knows how much I love books but doesn’t have a clue which ones I have already read, so he tells me to go to a bookstore on my birthday and just pick out a couple of books. Then he gives me whatever it was he was going to get me (non-book). Our arrangement works out well. 🙂 Rae
    p.s. looove your library photos; how I would love a room like one of those…


  5. **sigh**
    I SO understand this problem of lack of books!!
    My family also thinks I have enough books already.

    Last birthday my son’s g/f gave me a copy of State of Wonder by Anne Patchett, she went on my Amazon WL and chose me a book I wanted, how great is that!!

    I love the library photos too. I’m working on my shelving (moved 18m ago and still only half completed). The plan is to put shelves up the stairs to the roof. Metal supports are up, just have to get the white shelves. Rang another carpenter today – the MDF costs 85dhs per sheet (about 12 pounds) but they want to charge me 7 times as much for making 7 cuts in each sheet!!!! Still searching! Meanwhile books still in bags 😦


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