Day 16 – A favourite book from childhood

Donuts and peanutbutter cupcakes…

I think I’ve made it pretty clear over my (almost) two years of blogging that I was (and still am) a massive Enid Blyton fan, so rather than being really predictable (and making you all yawn) I have chosen another author for this challenge.

In the summer of 1982 (a few months before my 11th birthday) I went with my family to the USA for the first time. My mum’s brother (my Unlce Eddie) moved there years before and lives in New Jersey with my Auntie Ginni and cousins Jayne and Billy. I remember Auntie Ginni picking us up from JFK airport and on the way back to their house she stopped and bought us a huge box full of donuts: my brother Jamie (then aged 8) and I were stunned and just a teensy bit (OK, a lot) excited! When we got to their house, my cousin Billy was watching a horror movie on TV before school and again we couldn’t believe it: in the UK back then we only had 3 TV channels and it was only the news that was on before school. It was like being in a different world!

One day when we were there, we were shopping in Bergenfield, NJ and we stopped to look in a bookshop. Auntie Ginni asked if I liked Judy Blume books as all the American kids were reading her. I had never heard of Judy Blume as her books weren’t available in the UK back then. Auntie Ginni asked me to pick one out and so I remember excitedly thumbing through loads of different books with really weird titles such as “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” and “Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great“. In the end, I settled on Blubber. I can really clearly remember the front cover (the one shown below) and how I got stuck straight in to reading the book. It felt so grown up and exotic because we didn’t have these books back home and the kids in the book ate things like peanutbutter cupcakes (which I thought was really American). I absolutely LOVED this book and have really fond memories of when I first read it! Thanks Auntie Gin ♥


  Which books made your childhood?


5 thoughts on “Day 16 – A favourite book from childhood

  1. When I was a child my favorite literay heroes were” The Famous Five” known in France as “le Club des Cinq” by Enid Blyton, as well as Nancy Drew known here as “Alice” by Caroline Quine who also wrote a series with the twin girls “Les Soeurs Parker”.
    I was also a huge fan of Fantômette by Georges Chaulet (but I do not think Fantômette’s adventures were ever translated into English !)I would play Fantômette with my sisters and friends and of course, would insist on being Fantômette.
    I have kept all my old childhood books in my parent’s attic, I love them so much…I could never get read of them.
    Later,as a teenager, I became addicted to Arsène Lupin’s adventures (I strongly recommend these as they are translated in English, they are great books!) by Maurice Leblanc and to Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple !


  2. Forever is my Favourite Judy Blume, that was hot stuff when it came out 😉 My favourite childhood books are The Witches and Matilda, closey followed my The Wishing Chair Again, I still have the original hardback with my name scrawled in the front page!


  3. Great choice. It was hard for me to choose so I created a rambling list but settled on the book that is still on my bookshelf and purchased for every 6 year old I know, “Now We Are Six” by A. A. Milne. I loved Judy Blume books, though! And this morning remembered Peter Rabbit books! Oh, I guess I just loved reading when I was a child… end of story. 🙂


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