Day 15 – A book I have read the most number of times

Chasing butterflies…

I’m not really one for re-reading books to be honest (there’s far too many book on my virtual pile and well in huge piles all over my house!) to read the same ones over again, despite the fact that there are a few I swear I will re-read one day. However, The Collector by John Fowles is a book that I have read a total of three times and loved each time. I first read it back in 1990, the summer before I went to university, and thought it was so brilliantly creepy that I have picked it up again twice over the years.

You may remember seeing my challenge post a few days ago about a book that blew me away – The Magus: this is the very same author. The Collector is narrated by Frederick who is a loner who collects butterflies and becomes obsessed with Miranda, a beautiful and well-off young woman whom he begins to stalk and fantasise about capturing her. He just wants to admire her, as he does his butterflies and so he lays down an elaborate plan to take her (which includes fitting out a room in his cellar to keep her in). For those who don’t like crime fiction, this is not a book that neatly fits into that category; it’s more of a pyschological thriller (in fact it is classed of one of the first in this genre as it was written back in the 60’s).

Despite having read it three times I still can’t remember what happens at the end and writing this has made me think I need to read it a fourth time! I heart John Fowles! πŸ™‚

Β  Which book have you (or will you) read over again? Why?

22 thoughts on “Day 15 – A book I have read the most number of times

  1. I think the book I have re-read the most times is The Magus, but The Collector would come in second (despite the fact that neither of them were published as old Penguins). It is the book I credit with starting me off on serious reading, as it references a number of other works such as The Tempest, and from memory Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and A Room at the Top, which I then sought out. And I loved the film as well.


  2. The only book that I’ve read more than once is The Witches. I think reading books from your childhood takes you back to that place in time and it’s comfortable. I plan on re reading my Roald Dahl books again and the Harry Potter books. With so many books to read though, re reads do have to take the back seat, maybe If I stopped buying books for a while i’d get through my tbr πŸ˜‰


  3. Yes, this book too is on my wishlist.

    In my case, there are one or two Dutch books, and otherwise, I think I read Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver quite a few times. Actually, I feel like reading it now! πŸ™‚


  4. Mine is “Wuthering Heights”! How I love this book !
    I need to re-read the Magus too but wonder if I would feel the same about it again, that is enthralled, mesmerized…


  5. The Collector was the first book I was able to read by Fowles (after failing at The French Lieutenant’s Woman multiple times), but I certainly respect the man. And I’m excited to try The Magus now, even if its massive size scares me!


  6. “The Collector” is a great book and like Steph says, I too want to read “The Magus” but the size kinda puts me off but then I always say this about books and I always read them, ha!

    One book I read every few years is “Don Juan (The Life and Death of Don Miguel de Manara)” by Josef Toman, a book set in Spain in the time of the Inquisition. There’s so much passion in that book (and not just the erotic kind) and every time I read it I discover something new. The copy I have is old and battered and coffee stained but I treasure it all the more for that. My all time favorite book.


  7. I had a period when I read The Collector over and over, but now I have no idea where my copy has gone. You have definitely inspired me to track it down!


  8. I ought to read “The Collector”, it ‘s been on my book shelves for years.
    I loved “A Maggott” by Fowles as well, I could not put it down.
    I have not tried “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” yet although I own it too.


  9. I tried reading The Collector once and couldn’t get into it, the main character was so creepy. I think the book I’ve read most often, outside of childhood books, is Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone which I read as an adult. And Gone with the Wind, though it’s been years since I read it. I’ve also read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy quite a few times.

    I do have a copy of The French Lieutenant’s Woman and I hope to read it someday.


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