Day 14 – A favourite 19th century novel

                      Reader, I love this book…

I love Victorian novels, although for years I was afraid of them. After reading (and hating) Great Expectations in school I was put off reading any more for another 20 years until on a whim I decided to give GE another go to see if I still felt the same….and I loved it! Shortly after that I picked up Jane Eyre and I was blown away from the first page: it is a thriller, a romance, it is gothic, had wit and warmth and there was not a single moment in the book that I wasn’t enraptured. I had no idea that 19th century literature could be so wonderful.

Jane Eyre is a fantastic character and I had more than a few laugh-out-loud moments with her. My favourite being when the school governer tell her she is naughty and asks how she can stop being burned in the pits of hell to which she replies “I must keep in good health, and not die.” Genius! Jane is a wonderful character and it was a pleasure to spend time in her company. This is a book that I love so much that I have about 6 different copies of the book and I visit the Bronte Parsonage (only an hours drive from my house) about twice a year now.



  Which books from this century do you love?



4 thoughts on “Day 14 – A favourite 19th century novel

  1. I love that you have 6 different copies! This is also one of my favourite books. I remember re-reading it as an adult and being astonished at how serious and mature Jane was and how gothic the story was, something I hadn’t realised when I read it as a child. I’m dying to see the new film version if I can make it to the cinema on time!


  2. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. I had to do a paper on it in high school, and while some others grumbled about it, I was one of the lucky few who enjoyed it and reread it as an adult. I must check out Jane Eyre again. I did read it a long time ago, but not recently. -Rae


  3. I just recently read Jane Eyre, too, and really enjoyed it. I read it in anticipation of watching the newest movie, but still haven’t seen it! I listened to the book on audio so I will try to read it “with my eyes” sometime soon. Have you seen any of the movie adaptations of the book?

    I loved Tale of Two Cities in high school… I should re-read it.

    My favorite is probably Pride & Prejudice… could just live in Austen’s words. Love her writing.


  4. Hmmmmm….I, surprisingly, had to think about this for a while! I used to give Jane Eyre as my favorite 19 c novel, but now I would say it is Tess of the D’Urbervilles. I’m a sucker for tragedy!


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