Day 13 – A book that made me laugh out loud


I love to laugh! In fact I am told that I am always laughing or giggling at something (I’m not aware I do it sometimes but it beats being miserable, doesn’t it?) I love to laugh at TV programmes, funny people crack me up and I do love to read books that make me giggle too, especially ones that make me belly laugh!

There are lots of books that have made me chuckle but for this challenge I just had to go with David Nicholl’s Starter For Ten. I remember reading this so clearly: we were staying in a remote cottage in Scotland for a week, in 2003, with no TV and just a pile of books. From the very first page I was howling with laughter! All the references to the glorious 80’s (Kate Bush, Grandad shirts, DM’s, leotard tops, Newky Brown, being drunk every night and hungover every morning) were such a wonderful trip down memory lane for me but it was the non-stop humour that had me falling about. Starter For Ten follows Brian Jackson to university in the late 80’s as he falls in love, gets drunk and stars on the iconic TV programme ‘University Challenge’ (which I still watch just to see people with names like Horatio Menzies-Poncenby). It is clever, nostalgic and hillarious!

By complete coincidence,Β my Dad started to read this only last week and I received a text message from my Mum saying “Your dad is reading Starter for Ten and he is embarassing me! He keeps laughing out loud and can’t stop. He’s only read 2 chapters. Everywhere we sit there is an explosion of uncontrollable laughter!”




Β  Which books have had you rolling around in hysterics?


11 thoughts on “Day 13 – A book that made me laugh out loud

  1. I’m off to the library shortly to pick up some reservations, I’ll see if they have this. I do like to laugh, I like funny films but with books, I struggle to have proper laughs. I do titter, or make a funny squeak πŸ˜‰ The only book that has bought me out in hysterics is A Simples Life, Aleksandr Orlov…I think the writing is brilliant, and you can actually hear his voice in your head and the pictures are equally as funny, definitely one I could read over and over and I’d still find funny πŸ™‚


  2. I agree with Louise, I haven’t found a book that made me LOL, normally is just a giggle… and is not cause I haven’t tried!!. I’m definitely going to have a look at “Starter for ten” and “A simples life”, so thanks for the recommendations :o)


  3. The funniest book in the English language… A book so funny that whenever I have to go into hospital for some nasty procedure I take it with me – and have earned some funny looks as I near fall out of bed laughing every time. As a writer, I can only aspire to one day writer a book half as funny… 40 odd years old and utterly timeless. Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis.


  4. Your moms message is hilarious. I have had times I laugh or giggle, the most recent great laugh was from the book Go The F**k to Sleep.

    I may have to pick your choice up Boof


  5. I watched the film but never thought of picking up the book. I’ll have to remedy that immediately!

    I’m stopping by after reading Judith’s post today that mentioned you. I don’t think I’ve ever been by before but I’m excited to have been pointed in this direction!


  6. Did you enjoy this book more so than One Day? I loved One Day but found that at times it dragged on… is this a quick read?

    PS – LOVING THAT YOUR DAD IS READING THIS. Did he also read One Day? I can’t imagine any man suffering through that book. As much as I loved it, it was very very much aim toward the hopeless romance.


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