Day 8 – A book that blew me away

You’ll never see it coming….

I rarely come across people who have also read The Magus by John Fowles but when I do we all agree on one thing – it’s a masterpiece.

This is one of those books that you can never get comfortable with; as soon as you think you have it sussed Fowles rips that rug out from under you and leaves you scratching your head and wondering how the hell he could have fooled you again. The Magus is full of twists, turns, psychological games and suspense – it’ss brilliant!

There are many, many books that I love but this is one that totally blew me away. I know it’s long (about 700 pages) but it is so worth it, I promise you. I would love to see more people read this book – it’s one of my all time favourites (in my Top 3) and I am dying to hear what other people think of it.

Β  Which book has blown you away?

13 thoughts on “Day 8 – A book that blew me away

  1. This is on my wishlist, so I haven’t read it.

    There is a Dutch book that made me interested in science and Scandinavia and I read it quite young (13/14). It was one of the first more “serious literature” books that I read. The book is Beyond Sleep by W. F. Hermans and I immediately knew this was a good book even though I didn’t quite understand it all at that age.

    I read it many times since.


  2. Oh I was blown away by my first murakami I think he brings japan to life so well and opens a to us westerners is somewhat a closed world it was wild sheep chase still my favourite by him , I ve nit read magus but heard lot people sing it’s praises all best stu


  3. I read, and loved, The Collector and the French Lietenant’s Woman years ago, but I wasn’t quite brave enough to try The Magus. You may well have inspired me!

    As for a book that blew me away – Skallagrig by William Horwood is extraordinary, and I am appalled that it is still out of print.


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