Day 6 – A book that changed my life

The secret of my obsession…

Maybe chaged my life is a little dramatic but it certainly changed my reading life.

As a child and a teenager I used to read all the time – I loved being read to by my parents before I could read myself and once I could there was no stopping me. I devoured all kinds of books and loved that feeling of stepping in to another world. Then when I hit my late teens and university, travelling and much partying came along I sort of lost my reading mojo. I did still read but not a great deal and books were pushed aside in favour of parties and boys 😉

Whenever we went on holiday I would go armed with a stack of books like Jame Patterson ready to see me through those sunny hours by the pool, but one year as I was standing in WH Smiths about to make my selection I spied a copy of The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I don’t know why it grabbed my attention so much as it’s not as if the cover calls out to you really, but it would NOT leave my peripheral vision! Eventually I gave in to curiosity and took it to the till. I started to read it by the pool in Egypt and it toally transformed my reading world. I had forgotten how books could be so intelligent (no offence to mr Patterson who’s books I still enjoy, but they’re not exactly literary genuis). I ripped through The Secret History, completely in awe of how clever, brilliantly written and amazing this book was. Once I was home, I hungered for more books like this and scoured Amazon for other books I might enjoy, joined a book group at my local Waterstones…..and I have never looked back. That one book got my reading mojo back and I am eternally grateful.

Oh, and you really should read it – fantastic book and still in my Top 10!


  Which book turned your world upside down?


14 thoughts on “Day 6 – A book that changed my life

  1. So this book got you back on a more literary track! I remember reading this book back at university and I loved it. I think I’ve always been reading all kind of books although my “Russian period” is a few years behind me. 🙂


  2. What a great choice. I vividly remember reading this book obsessively on a baking rock in a tiny private bay in Crete. I dropped it in the water one day and altho it was left with loose pages and a ruined cover I insisted on taking it home.
    Thanks for reminding me.


  3. Ha ha, this is also my favourite book of all time and I remember reading it during my first year finals, snatches in between revision, but I was totally hooked! Good to hear this brought your reading mojo back!


  4. I recently bought The Secret History after I saw it on your giveaway, since it came so highly recommended, but the blurb isn’t all that inspiring. Your words here make me much more enthusiastic and glad I got it!

    Several books turned my world upside down, especially when I was younger (it seems harder for a book to achieve that the older I get – jaded much?). When I was in grade 5, Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody had a profound effect on me, as did Jane Eyre in grade 6. At uni, Eucalyptus by Murray Bail was a biggie.


  5. I wimped out and couldn’t choose a book that changed my life. Book have made me who I am today, for sure, and being in a book club with a great group of women has been such a great experience in the last ten years.

    I have vivid memories of reading great books as a child, and I think those books are life-changers! I remember a book of fairy tales that my mom brought home from the grocery store when I was sick… it was a comfort and a joy. 🙂


  6. Love, love, love this book. Have read it several times, and it never ceases to thrill me.
    You’re one of the few who love it as much as I; many of my friends have said, “Huh? A book about a murder?” But, of course, they’re missing the point if that’s all they can see. I’m so crazy about this novel of Tartt’s that I’ve still not read, although I own, The Little Friend. Don’t want to be disappointed…


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