RIP VI is here!

Autumn must be here…

OK, to be fair, we haven’t really even had a summer in the UK but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. Autumn is my favourite season and alsways has been. I used to love going back to school after the long holidays (yep, must be a geek!) and it was my birthday, halloween and bonfire night. I love the crisp days and darker evenings when you have to put the fire on a curl up (with a book, naturally) and cup of hot chocolate or glass of red wine. Autumn is a time for classics, gothic reads and spooky tales hence my excitement for this challenge again.

I have successfully managed to avoid all challenges this year so far but this is one that I cannot igone! The Peril Challenge is right up my street and I loved taking part last year t00.

The purpose of the R.I.P. Challenge is to enjoy books that could be classified as:

Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Dark Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, Supernatural.

As you know, I am likely to change my mind on a whim (I’m incredibly fickle when it comes to shiny new books attracting my attention) and side-tracking me from the best laid plans. However, here are some of the books that are on my list (for the moment):

Pet Sematary by Stephen King (currently reading)

The Retribution by Val McDermid (currently reading)

Suffer the Children by John Saul (read this as a teenager and want to read it again as I remember nothing about it except it spooked me)

Florence and Giles by John Harding (I hadn’t heard of this until Helen of She Reads Novels added it to her list and I looked it up – only 99p on my Kindle too…bargain!)

Cuckoo by Julia Couch (sent to me for review and looks like a great pyschological thriller)

Needful Things by Stephen King (after reading Carrie recently and now on to Pet Sematary I am on a bit of a SK kick)

The Remains by Vincent Zandri (recommended by a fellow blogger taking part in Thrill Week and again only 86p on my Kindle!)

Uncle Silas by Joseph Sheriden le Fanu (has been on my shelf for a few years and is supposed to be Victorian gothic at its creepiest – delicious!!!)

Blood Harvest by S J Bolton (the only one of her 4 books I haven’t read yet and it’s a sort of crime ghost story so should be perfect!)

The Resurrectionists by Julia Wilkins (another one recommended as really creepy by Helen at She Reads Novels last year during my Dare You Read It? series in October and I have since  found a second hand copy)


I think that little lot should keep me going for a while, but like I say, by the time I have finished the challenge it is probably unlikely to resemble the above list at all (oh the perils of shiny, new things……)


I will be doing the Peril the First challenge which is to read at least 4 books from the above categories (shouldn’t be too hard as they are my favourite genre at the moment).


Have you got any plans to join in? If so, what will you be reading?



23 thoughts on “RIP VI is here!

  1. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, I hate being hot and constantly squinting by the sun, Autumn is a beautiful season, I always enjoy books more during these seasons too, weirdly.. I’m going to see if I can do a RISI swop for The Resurrectionists 🙂


  2. With mystery/thrillers as your favorite genre I’m sure you’ll easily manage the RIP challenge.

    You know, I haven’t read a thriller-ish book for a few weeks now and I’m really craving one. I think my next book will be a thriller!


  3. I like this time of year too, though maybe mostly because it’s now too late to do all the summer things I should have done and I can give up and say that I’m planning for next summer 😉 I saw a mention of Florence and Giles and thought it sounded interesting – at 99p on Kindle it’s just become a must-have!

    I know just what you mean about the perils of shiny things, too!

    I like your “review coming shortly” list on the sidebar – what an excellent idea.


  4. Love your list.Hope you’ll enjoy Cuckoo. I have Le Fanu’s Carmilla on my list and must check out Uncle Silas as well. And Florence and Giles for the Kindle.


  5. The Resurrectionists sounds really interesting; I’ll have to keep my eye out for it.

    Out of curiosity, I’ve never heard of RISI. Is that the readitswapit website? I used to do when I lived in the US but haven’t found anything like that in the UK. How do you like it?

    Happy reading!


  6. What a great list. Florence and Giles is a gem, and though I have more books than I can read line up you have tempted me to add one of the two S J Boltons I haven’t read to my list.


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