Day 3 – A Book With a Favourite Character

Tiger Tiger, bruning bright…

I regularly fall in love with characters in books – they don’t even necessarily have to be “nice”, just interesting and believable will do for me. I love  it when an author is able to create such brilliant characters that I either feel I know or would even like to know in real life: those are often the books that I think about years later as I really want to know how the characters went on with their lives after I closed the pages of the books.

The book I have chosen, however, has my favourite character ever, and it’s not even a human being! After reading Yann Martel’s Life of Pi I fell head over heals in love with a bengal tiger. The tiger in question was known as Richard Parker and he ended up on a life-raft in the middle of the Melacca Straights when the ship he had been on sank along with almost all the other zoo animals that had been on the ship with him. Richard Parker survived and spent the next year floating round an ocean with only a young boy (and fleetingly a zebra, orangutang and hiyena)  for company. What I loved about Richard Parker is the way that Martel managed to make the whole thing feel real without resorting to fantasy or magical realism; it all seemed so plausable to me. I still, to this day, have visions of this huge stripey hunk of fur trying to swat flying fish with a massive paw, while trying to keep balance on a tiny boat in the middle of the Inidan Ocean. Brilliant!


 And just to prove my dedication to said stripey hunk of fur, check out a post I did about 13 months ago about my shelves and on one of them you will surely spot a few familiar faces 🙂


  Who is your favourite character from a book?



6 thoughts on “Day 3 – A Book With a Favourite Character

  1. I totally understand why you fell in love with the Bengal tiger in this book, they’re are beautiful animals, I’ve been lucky enough to come face to face with them, and they’re beautiful! Big cats are my favourite animals, I also have passion for wolves, I loved the wolves in Wolf Totem and The Sight…if I were to choose an animal character it would be those wolves, a human character, that’s hard… Severus Snape and Matilda would be nearing the top of my list 😉


    • That’s so funny that you said that because I have a real passion for wolves too – make sure you look out for my day 4 post tomorrow (already written)…..too funny! And I also have The Sight at home but I haven’t read it yet but now I really want to!

      We really do have a lot of books in common don’t we? 🙂


  2. Great post…. A tiger, interesting, love that 🙂

    I claimed to love John from Dan Wells trilogy, he kills demonic serial killers which makes him a serial killer :-0

    And admitting that is a little scary because he is far to young for me, eeek.


  3. I couldn’t limit myself to one character, so picked a few, but I seriously thought about this book and Pi Patel because I love it. I listened to the audiobook (recommend) and then read it for book club a few years later (at my insistence). Good stuff. 🙂

    By the way, have you read “Beatrice & Virgil”?


  4. Great choice! I really enjoyed Life of Pi largely because of the personality of the tiger. I chose Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird as I have always admired his courage, integrity and parenting. I have finally blogged about him if you have some time to check it out. See you next week!


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