I’m Part of the Transworld Book Group!


The lovely Lynsey at Transworld is running another book club where we get to pick 4 books out of the list of 12 and as soon as we have read and reviewed one she sends us the next! Hurrah!!

The last book group run by Transworld was their Crime Capers and that is where I discovered the utterly brilliant Tess Gerritesen and S J Bolton so I am looking forward to seeing which authors will become favourites from this list.

I have opted to start with Louise Douglas’s The Secrets Between Us which immediately jumped out at me as being one I think I’ll enjoy:

A chance encounter: When Sarah meets dark, brooding Alex,she grasps his offer of a new life miles away from her own. They’ve both recently escaped broken relationships, and need to start again. Why not do it together?

A perfect life: But when Sarah gets to the tiny village of Burrington Stoke, something doesn’t add up. Alex’s beautiful wife Genevieve was charming, talented, and adored by all who knew her. And apparently, she and Alex had a successful marriage complete with a gorgeous son, Jamie. Why would Genevieve walk out on her perfect life? And why has no one heard from her since she did so?

A web of lies: Genevieve’s family and all her friends think that Alex knows more about her disappearance than he’s letting on. But Sarah’s fallen in love with him and just knows he couldn’t have anything to hide. Or could he?”

(blurb courtesy of Transworld’s website)


I haven’t decided on the next three yet but there are some great looking crimey ones on there.


Will you be joining in? Which ones will you go for? Have a look at the list of 12 and see what you fancy.





6 thoughts on “I’m Part of the Transworld Book Group!

  1. Yes, I’m in too. My first book is The Sandalwood Tree by Elle Newmark, that I’m very much looking forward to. I almost choose the book you’ve got there, but something about the cover didn’t appeal to me. The story sounds good, though. Have a good read!


  2. I’ve signed up too, my first book is The Obscure Logic of the Heart, I’ve almost finished it 🙂 My other 3 choices are Death Sentence by Mikkel Birkegaard, The Bomber by Liza Marklund and Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll. Enjoy! 😉


  3. I chose The Secrets Between Us too and am looking forward to it, but it’s the second one on my list. I’m reading my first book, The Sandalwood Tree, at the moment and so far I’m really enjoying it. My other choices are The Obscure Logic of the Heart and The Water Room.


  4. Oh, Boof, I got so excited when I read this…what a lovely idea!! Imagine my sadness when I realized it was only for you folks in the EU. *sigh*


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