Book Review: You Belong to Me by Karen Rose

In three words:

Murder, revenge, exciting



What I thought:

Over twenty years ago, a young school girl was raped and murdered on her prom night. Several people witnessed the crime and not one of them helped or came forward. Twenty-one years later and those who were present that night start dying in horrific ways it seems that someone wants young Medical Examiner, Lucy Trask, to not only find each body but to pay for her part in it (only Lucy has no idea what part she actually played).

Despite deciding a long time ago that Karen Rose is probably an author I would love, I still had never got round to reading any of her books before now. Now I have read You Belong To Me, I’m really not sure what kept me from them for so long and I already plan to dive into the eleven predecessors to this book. I loved it!

When I first picked this book up, I must admit to feeling a little overwhelmed: so much seemed to be going on at once and it felt very frenzied (especially after just having read a much slower paced book) but after 100 or so pages, what was initially my slight issue with it became the one thing that I loved and really worked! This is proper crime story-telling: although the backstories of the main characters are explored on some level, this really was a plot-driven book and a fast-paced one at that. The book itself is set over less than 48 hours and not a second is wasted. I was kept on the edge of my seat by each section ending at a point where I couldn’t possibly put the the book down; in fact it’s what I call a “just one more chapter book” because there never seems to be a suitable point to put the damn thing down.

In summary: the body count is high, the murder method is brutal, the pace is fast, the charaters and plot are engaging.

Have you read any Karen Rose books? Which ones do you recommend that I read next?


(source: This book was sent to me for review by Headline Review and Penguin Group USA courtesy of NetGalley)


14 thoughts on “Book Review: You Belong to Me by Karen Rose

  1. BryOak says:

    I don’t think I’ve come across Karen Rose before but this book does seem to ring a bell or other inside my head somewhere! It sounds really good I have to say.


  2. Leeswammes says:

    I have hardly heard of the author, so no, I haven’t read anything by her. The cover doesn’t appeal to me but I like it that you wanted to keep reading. That suggests it is a good read.


  3. Louise says:

    I see a lot of Karen Rose in nearly new book stores, along with French, Slaughter and MHC… I keep picking them up to try, then change my mind and always go with Nicci French or MHC, is she better than K Slaughter?


  4. Catherine Yaffe says:

    I love Karen Rose and have read quite a few of her books. My favorites are; Don’t tell, I can see you and Scream for me. Same synopsis for all of them but great reads, just leave a break between each or they can be emotionally draining as she really pulls you into the role of victim!


  5. Marce says:

    Great review, oh the one’s that make you say one more chapt are the lack of sleep books, great.

    Like you I keep saying I need to read her and haven’t but I have I Can See You as the one to try from recommendations.


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