I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark

In three words:

Kidnap, idnetity-theft, secrets


What I thought:

My Queen of Comfort Reads has done it again – I can always rely on Mrs Higgins Clark to whisk me away to somewhere on the US east coast (NYC in this case) and allow me to escape for a few hours with plots to solve and baddies to catch.

Alexandra (Zan) Moreland is in turmoil on what would have been the 5th birthday of her son Matthew who was kidnapped two years ago in broad daylight while out with his babysitter in Central Park. Despite no trace of Matthew ever being found, Zan has still not been able to give up hope that he is still alive somewhere. But just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, a photo appears in the paper that appears to show her scatching her own child from his pushchair in the park. Not only that but purchases are being made from Zan’s personal and business account for things she knows she didn’t order…..or did she? As Zan starts to doubt her own sanity, someone is clearly at work attempting to destroy her. But why?

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book (as always) I didn’t find it one of her best. I think more could have been made of putting Zan in some danger as it was really all done remotely and even though Zan sometimes doubts her own sanity, we the reader are left in no doubt that it is not her who is doing this but someone else. I also had an inkling early on as to who the perp might be and I was right but to be honest I couldn’t quite fathom out why they would go to such extreme lengths to destroy Zan (by taking her child): the reason didn’t seem quite right to me.

Verdict: Another pacey thriller and fans of Higgins Clark will love this. If you haven’t read any of her other books yet then I demand that you do! Recommended.

(source: I received this book for review from Simon & Schuster)


17 thoughts on “I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark

  1. Interesting, I agree with all you said but this actually was one of her better ones for me, especially the last 5 years or so.

    I must read a few from 15 years ago to see what I think now.


  2. I always read her books, I don;’t know why as I don’t usually read her type of novel but I always like them. I haven’t read this one yet but am looking forward to it.


  3. Sounds typically Mary Higgins Clark. I read her entire backlist in about three months a few years back (well, all the books that had been published at that point), and after four or five of them, the perp started becoming quite obvious… the premise seems to be similar to Where Are The Children and Two Little Girls In Blue. Have to say, though, the former is my favourite book by the Queen of Suspense, followed closely by I’ll Be Seeing You.


  4. Wow, this one sounds great. I really like books about identity theft because they always make people ponder if they are not losing their mind (as it happened in this one).
    Thanks for the review.


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