My Bookish Odyssey

Island hopping books

Yesterday I posted about my fantastic trip to Kefalonia and four other Greek islands that we visited while there.

Despite all the sunbathing, swimming, sailing and exploring I still managed to find time to readΒ 6 books while chilling on the beach, round the pool or whiling away time in a sea-front taverna – my idea of heaven.

Here is a little montage of my bookish travels:

Chilling in a taverna

Reading on our villa garden

Pit stop in a taverna

On the beach

In the villa grounds

Books and fresh juice in the mountains

Stopping for lunch and a read

Coffee break

Icecream and strawberry break

swim break

Here are the books I read while away (review for all will follow shortly):

29 thoughts on “My Bookish Odyssey

  1. So much fun to see the pictures of your bookish adventures! It seems you had a grand time reading those books at the beach. I can never read a lot of books while on vacation, but you managed to finish 6!
    Btw, I hope you liked The Poison Tree – I really enjoyed it and now I am looking forward to reading the author’s newest book, The Sick Rose.


  2. I loved The Poison Tree, be interesting to see what you make of Twisted Wing, I’ve picked this up a few times and just put it back down..Some lovely pics!

    Love what you’re reading now!


  3. Aaaah love getting a real insight into your reading life..even though it does include sun, sand and sea which we have a distinct lack of at home but glad you enjoyed xx ps looking forward to reviews x


  4. I love the book pictures! I’ll have to do that on my next vacation. Greece is such a beautiful place, I think it’s my favorite of the places I’ve visited (except maybe Scotland). Glad you enjoyed your trip!


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