Back from my Greek paradise

The most amazing time ever

I am back from two weeks of pure heaven on the Greek island of Kefalonia (sob). Two weeks of chilling, reading, swimming, eating, exploring.

We stayed on the Ionian island of Kefalonia but we also did some island hopping and made it over to four other islands – Ithaca, Meganissi, Lefkada and Skorpios (the island that Aristotle Onasis bought for Jackie Kennedy Onasis). We hired boats and found secluded beaches and coves, we drove over mountains and swam in the sea, we sat in cafes on the seafront in little fishing villages and we lay round the pool in the sun.

I will be posting about the books I read (I managed to get plenty of reading in alongside the exploring) in a few days but for now I will leave you with some piccies of my amazing holiday.

Pool at our villa

Boat trip round the coast

Taverna at sunset

Our pool

Our pool and gardens

Secluded cove

Beach on Kefalonia

Jackie Kennedy Onasis' house

Beach on Ithaca


25 thoughts on “Back from my Greek paradise

  1. Oh, beautiful! We’re thinking about going to Spain, but may still change our mind and go to Greece. It looks wonderful where you were. Reading at the pool…. hmmm. Lovely!


  2. Sun, sea, books….your holiday sounds wonderful! That secluded cove is so beautiful. If only I could take a couple of weeks off and bum around on a sandy beach….


  3. Ohhhh, it’s so beautiful! That pool looks just perfect… one of those pics where you wish you could get into your bikini and jump in, y’know? It’s been a long, long time since we’ve been somewhere hot and European (by that I mean Not In Britain) so I love that I can now live vicariously through my fellow bloggers’ dream holidays!


  4. What gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing them! Books, swimming, sun, relaxing in a beautiful location–that does sound like the absolutely perfect vacation!


  5. I knew I shouldn’t have looked at this post. Now I’m terribly envious. You don’t know what I would give for a week in the sun away from everything except books. I can just see myself sipping wine on the terrace of that little taverna…


  6. Hi just discovered your lovely blog! Fab photos….we go to Skala on Kefalonia every summer and October (if funds allow!) it really is a little paradise! Looking forward to reading all your reviews!


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