The Killing Place by Tess Gerritsen = chilling

In three words:

Tension, terror, chased


The Killing Place (known as Ice Cold in the US) is the last one in the series of Rizzoli and Isles – until July!!!! *does a jig*. Maura Isles gets a bigger part in this book which sees her up in snowy Wyoming for a forensic medical conference. While there she meets up with an old colleague and his daughter and two friends and together the five of them decide to go on a trip up the mountains (just as a blizzard is coming in).

The Killing Place felt like a slight departure from her other books in the series as it wasn’t set in the urban Boston or Washington DC; instead the characters find themselves in the middle of nowehere and unable to get back to civilisation until they come across a tiny village that appears to have been abandoned….and at the last minute too as there are still plates of food on kitchen tables, a pet dog is found frozen to death and cars are still in all the garages – there’s just nobody else around (or is there?)

Tension laden and eerily quiet in the village, I loved the not knowing what had happened to the villagers and what/who was leaving footprints in the snow when they had all be inside. The battle to get themselves out of this forgotten town is hampered time after time until they have all but given up hope of being found alive. Not Maura though – she sets off on her own to try to bring back help to her friends, but finds a different sort of adventure instead and finds herself on the run. Meanwhile, Jane Rizzoli becomes convinced that something doesn’t stack up with the four bodies found in a burnt out car in Wyoming and the local police pronounce Maura dead. Cue lots of running around in snow-shoes and ignoring the local fuzz as it starts to look like the whole town is involved in some sort of cover up.

There is an almost spooky atmosphere in a lot of this book and I liked that it was a change from the usual settings (although I am now itching to get back to Boston in the next book and have Rizzoli chasing perps all over town!). There is a twist at the end of this book that I didn’t suspect either – I like it when that happens as I am normally pretty good at guessing earlier than I am perhaps meant to in crime fiction (must read too much of it!).

Verditct – brilliant, as always. A must for all crime/mystery fans!

(source: I bought my own copy of this book)


5 thoughts on “The Killing Place by Tess Gerritsen = chilling

  1. I really need to catch pack up on this series. I read the first four all in one shot, but haven’t read the rest. I may make it a goal for later this summer to read the whole of the series thus far.


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