Book review: It Happened One Summer by Polly Williams

The Blurb:

 “After years of romantic drought, Nell is enjoying a thrilling fling with a sexy new man and lovingLondonlife, somehow managing to juggle single motherhood with a busy career. Plus, in the city it’s easy to avoid her sister who is about to marry Nell’s ex. (Yes, messy.) Then she gets the news. Please could she return to Tredower, the crumbling old family home inCornwallfor the summer? Disaster. Tredower has no wifi, harbours her big dysfunctional family, and, far worse, memories of her passionate love affair with the man who is about to become her brother-in-law. The past is another county. Can she go there?

Another woman is making her way west too, carrying an explosive secret. Love will be lost, broken, and found, lives changed forever…”


What I thought:

I was in the mood for something light, fun and summery and then this landed on my doormat. Hallelujah!

Nell is a career-minded single mum living in London with a pristine appartment, an enviable wardrobe, friends she loves and a daughter she adores (the result of a one-night-stand 5 years ago). What could possibly happen to turn her cosy life upside down? Well, for starters her sister has announced that she’s getting married to Jeremy, the once love of Nell’s life who started dating her sister only days after the split up (nice!), then she gets made redundant from her glamorous journalism job and the cherry on top is that her mother has had a stroke and needs one of her 3 children to up-sticks and move to her big house in Cornwall where there is nothing to do and not a Prada shoe in sight to look after her. Naturally Nell puts her foot down. It will not be her! Several weeks later, Nell and daughter Cass roll up to Cornwall, miserable and teetering in wholly inpracticle designer wedges…..

This book was just what I needed. Nothing too heavy, somewhat predictable – there’s bound to be a man who appears unsuitable but just may be fall-in-love material, right? Right. Now throw in a new-found respect for the elements, freedom, happy children, and a little mystery in the shape of stranger in town who is carrying a huge secret and there you just about have it.

Verdict: A great book for curling up and chilling out with. Likable characters, lovely setting, little mystery (albeit not difficult to solve early on), hunky surfer-dude, family traumas that have a way of working themselves out and a satisfactory ending  (i.e. leaves you smiling and happy you’ve read it).

(source: This book was sent to me by Headline Review – thank you!)

6 thoughts on “Book review: It Happened One Summer by Polly Williams

  1. Sometimes you need a bit of fluff to relax the mind and cleanse your reading palate. Like Misha, the bulk of my bookshelf is made up of serious/depressing reads so when I do get a fun/light read, I have to save it for the right occasion!


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