Book Review: Now You See Me by S J Bolton

The Blurb:

“Despite her fascination with Jack the Ripper, Detective Constable Lacey Flint has never worked a big case or seen a dead body up close. Until now… 

As she leaves a south London estate one night, she is horrified to find a woman has been viciously stabbed, right next to Lacey’s car. 

Thrown headlong into her first murder hunt, Lacey’s quiet life changes overnight. Then Lacey receives a familiar hand-delivered letter, written in red blood, and it is clear the police have a Ripper copycat on their hands. 

Lacey must be the bait if they are to prevent a second, brutal murder. But can this inexperienced DC outwit a killer whose infamous role model has never been found?…”


  What I thought:

This is the third S J Bolton I have read in the last two months: up until that point I hadn’t even heard of her and now she is one of my favourite authors! The other two books I have read by her are Sacrifice and Awakening – if you haven’t picked them up yet, what are you waiting for? Get thee down to the bookshop now!

Now You See Me is narrated by a young detective with the Metropolitan Police, Lacey Flint, who opens her telling of the tale with the murder of a woman outside a block of flats in run down area of London. Lacey is on the scene immediately but not because she has been called out – because she is walking back to her car and the dying woman literally falls into her before dying. Lacey has missed the killer by seconds. What first appears to be bad luck and coincidence that the woman died in Lacey’s arms soon becomes something else entirely when a journalist receives a Dear Boss letter reminiscent of those sent to the press and police by Jack the Ripper. Not only that but Lacey is named in the letter. As more murders occur on the exact same dates as those of the Rippers victims (and in the exact same gruesome manner)  the whole of London goes on high alert, especially the colleagues of Lacey Flint who are convinced that the killer is fixated on her.

Once again, as in Boltons previous books to some degree, the protagonist is flawed. In this case, Lacey has her own secrets which she also keeps from the reader, making her an unreliable witness. She makes no secret of the fact that she has a somewhat disfunctional background and is no longer in contact with any of her family but what else is she hiding? Trying to figure Lacey out is as much part of the plot as figuring out “whodunnit” and the two seem to have some links. Of course, no respectable crime fic book would be the same without a heroine who ignores all police advice to stay away and instead hares all over London in an attempt to investigate on her own. Oh no.

In summary: fast-paced, great plot, intriguing protagonist, cleverly written, a few pinches of gore (to warn the feint of heart, but none felt uncecessary), twists and turns a-plenty. Another belter from this author.

(source: I received my copy of this book from Amazon Vine)

Now You See Me is out in the UK on 26th May.

Author interview:

I will be posting my interview with author S J Bolton tomorrow so watch out for that. Find out all about her fascination with Jack the Ripper and how that made the transission into ficion.


15 thoughts on “Book Review: Now You See Me by S J Bolton

  1. Bolton is one of the most original voices to have emerged in the Crime Fiction field over the past few years. original in more ways than one, because you can never predict from one book to the next what she is going to offer you. I am more excited about this book as I’ve been about any other so far this year because she is a writer who continues to grow in strength from novel to novel. I can’t wait to read this.


  2. I have read Sacrifice and Awakening and loved both of them, got Blood Harvest on my TBR pile and looking forward to that – so now it looks like I have another one to buy – just what my TBR needs but she is such a good writer I’l forgive you 🙂


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