Four things about me

  Some fun for the weekend

I’ve just read this post over at Stu from Winstonsdad’s Blog and who in turn had read it on a few others, and I love getting to know the people behind the blogs I read so I thought I’d share mine too:

  Four jobs I’ve had in my life:

1) I currently work as a Business Manager at a global information company which is cool because I get to work from home when I am not out in client meetings (I’m not very good at being tied to an office chair so arranging my own diary and having varied weeks suits me just fine)

2) I was a chef in Cyprus once, which is ironic because I HATE cooking!

3) I worked on a moshav in Israel, in the dessert on the edge of the Joradanian mountains, picking cherry tomatos and clearing melon fields in the blazing hot sun

4) I was a chambermaid in a hotel in Cornwall (I apologise if you ever stayed in Newquay in the summer of 1992 – I was young, bored, wanted to be out partying instead and I used to spray on your perfume!)

  Four books I would read over and over:

1) Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (the setting, the characters…..I was there!)

2) Life of Pi by Yann Martel (won’t leave my head even 7 years later)

3) Animal Farm by George Orwell (amaing book! I laughed, I cried)

4) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (a true classic – I love this book!)

  Four places I have lived:

1) Yorkshire (where I grew up and where I live again now)

2) High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

3) Cardiff, Wales

4) Ra’anana, Israel (about 20 mins north of Tel Aviv) where I lived for a year as an Au Pair


  Four books I would recommend:

1) The Magus by John Fowles (read it, read it, read it!!!)

2) The Help by Kathryn Stockett (wonderful book)

3) The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (massive romp of a read & such fun!)

4) Wild Swans by Jung Chang (moving, incredible, unbelievable, touching, amazing……)

  Four places I have been:

1) China – I’m fascintated by all things China so this was like a dream come true

2) Iceland – one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been

3) Morocco – the food, the atmosphere, the sights and smells

4) Indonesia – the islands of Bali and Lombok for our honeymoon


  Four favourite foods:

1) Mr Whisperer’s chile con carne – YUM!!!!

2) Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate – heaven

3) My sister-in-laws passion fruit pavlova – melt in the mouth

4) Mr Whisperer’s fresh pasta pesto – proper italian flavours


  Four favourite drinks:

1) Coffee (hot, strong and often!)

2) Lemon Fanta (reminds me of being on holdiay)

3) Peach belini – another holiday drink

4) Water (plain, simple and thirst quenching)


  Four places I’d rather be right now:

1) In bed (with a book naturally)

2) In a bookshop

3) Lying round a pool in a remote part of Kefalonia (Greek Island) like I will be in 35 sleeps! 🙂

4) In a log cabin on  lake by some mountains reading a good book

  Four special things in my life:

1) Mr Whisperer – the love of my life who graciously (most of the time) puts up with my rather obsessive book habbit

2) My cats – Phoebe and Princess Saffy are my babies and reading companions

3) My family – mine and Mr Whisperer’s

4) My books – don’t touch them without permission, don’t ask to borrow them unless invited and definitely don’t put them back in the wrong place!!!

  What would be your top fours?



12 thoughts on “Four things about me

  1. Wonderful list, Boof. So nice to learn more about you. You have an international job history! But whatever a Business Manager is or an international information company ….? I’m trying to picture something sales-sy (but selling what?). :-0

    So you’re almost on holiday to Greece? That is going to be fun. We’re still not sure what to do on our holiday…


    • Yes, Judith, it is sales-y. I sell into companies – business information and employment legislation; software updating businesses on the above.

      Yes, only 35 sleeps until I am in Greece for 2 weeks. It cannot come quick enough!


  2. Enjoy Kefalonia!! I went there in the summer of 1999 (!!!) with an Aussie friend and it remains one of my all-time favourite holidays. The place we stayed at was so remote, we did nothing but lie by the pool reading and drinking beers. I would love to go back!


  3. I loved reading your list! You’ve an exciting list of jobs 😀
    Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate sounds heavenly! I’ve never tried it but I want to now.


  4. My personal favourite from you ‘4 List’ is:
    ‘My Books – don’t touch them without permission, don’t ask to borrow them unless invited and definitely don’t put them back in the wrong place!!!’ Love it! It is also so me!!


  5. Hi, love your blog. I was in Newquay in 1992 too (aged 17). We stayed at the youth hostel and had to break in every night as they shut the doors at 10pm! Hope you don’t mind but I’ve copied you and done my own fours on my blog – it really gets you thinking.


  6. Wow! You’ve seen a fair bit of the world! and how tough it must have been to be a chef if you don’t like cooking….
    As for me, the cats and books would also be in the special things…


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