Book Review: The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen

The Blurb:

“Not even the icy temperatures of a typical New England winter can match the bone-chilling scene of carnage discovered at the chapel of Our Lady of Divine Light. Within the cloistered convent lie two nuns–one dead, one critically injured–victims of an unspeakably savage attacker. The brutal crime appears to be without motive, but medical examiner Maura Isles’s autopsy of the dead woman yields a shocking surprise: twenty-year-old Sister Camille gave birth before she was murdered. Then another body is found mutilated beyond recognition. Together, Isles and homicide detective Jane Rizzoli uncover an ancient horror that connects these terrible slaughters. As long-buried secrets come to light, Maura Isles finds herself drawn inexorably toward the heart of an investigation that strikes close to home–and toward a dawning revelation about the killer’s identity too shattering to consider.”



  What I thought:

The third book in the Rizzoli and Isles series, and to be honest one that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy as much as the first two. I’m not particularly keen on books that deal with religion in either a conspiracy way or cults and sects (they make me feel uncomfortable) and the title of The Sinner made me think I may be in store for something Dan Brownish which made me shiver somewhat. Not so. I am just as happy to report this is just as fantastic as the first two and not a conspiracy theory in sight. Phew.

This is a book that gets the old grey matter working overtime, as there are several seemingly unrelated murders to solve. The main crime, and one that has shocked the city of Boston, is the apparant murder of two nuns (one old and one young) in a chapel. Both have been been found lying in pools of blood having been smashed over the head. What the killer hadn’t bargained on, though, is that the elder of the two nuns is still alive…

Detective Jane Rizzoli and Pathologist Maura Isles once againn work together to chase down “perps” and put body parts under the microscope with the joint  mission of bringing the killer to justice.  This is a great book for the character development of both women too, as their working relationship starts to develop into the friend territory.

Once again – a brilliantly compulsive read. Gerritsen is able to weave together several seamingly unrelated events (the murder of nuns in a chapel, the dead body of a woman without hands and feet and a faceless woman who appears in a burnt-down village in India) and make them all come together in the end. On to the next……

(source: This is from my own shelves)


8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen

  1. Sounds good. Like you, I don’t enjoy religious conspiracies so it’s good to hear this isn’t one.

    I am getting curious what this series is like. Usually, a series gets stale for me after the first 2 or so books. But you seem to still enjoy this one! Happy reading of number 4.


  2. Hi Boof !
    I absolutely enjoyed this one tremendously because of the female characters developement and I like plots taking place in monasteries as well becausemonastic life is a mysterious, secluded world.
    Glad you liked it !

    It has nothing to do with the current post but I just finished “the Vanishing Act of Esmee Lennox” and I loved it, what a beautiful book! Sad and incredibly shocking in the end, but beautifully written.The kind of book you definitely cannot forget.It will stay with me for a long long time.


    • I just love them all, Virginie, but I enojoyed this so much more than I hoped.

      Esme Lennox is such a wonderful book isn’t it? I commented on your status on Goodreads about this this morning. It does stay with you for a long time – so glad you enjoyed 🙂


  3. Oh I am sooooooo pleased you are reading and loving the Tess Gerritsen novels, she is one of my very, very, very favourite authors and I think this series is absolutely brilliant. I have held off reading the last two as the thought of having to wait too long for the next one is almost too much.

    I am glad I have discovered Val McDermid finally though, I think that she might become a new fav very swiftly.


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