24 hours of reading is over!

They think it’s all over……it is now!

You’d be forgiven for thinking I may be bored with books now, but fear not…..there’s always room for more!

So I have completed another 24 hour rea-a-thon (well, strictly speaking it wasn’t 24 straight hours as I fell asleep about sometime around 4am this morning but managed to get myself up and about again for the last few hours – I did about 18 hours in total!).

I spent most of the day yesterday outside in the sun outside the patio doors. I had my pile of books, my food and drinks and the cats seemed very pleased that they had someone to sunbathe with.

I finished three books this read-a-thon and enjoyed them all:

I will be writing up reviews of thes (and the other 15 or so I still have to do – groan!) shortly.

After the sun went in (and after I’d stopped for a BBQ in the evening with Mr Whisperer) I moved back indoors and cosied up on the sofa with one of my cats, Princess Saffy, and settled down for the evening. I managed to make it through until about 4am but don’t remember anything after then until I woke up again with a few hours to go at the end. I poured more coffee and got on with the job at hand – more reading 🙂

Hope you all had a great readathon if you joined in, and if not thanks for all the cheering on – it was really appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your weekends 🙂


17 thoughts on “24 hours of reading is over!

  1. Well done Boof – what a great way to spend 24 hours. I get excited about finding an hour to read on the weekend so envy your time and stamina. Maybe I will join you one of these days!


  2. Ah great readathon! I love your yard, what a great place for some reading.

    You did well reading all those. I wonder what you thought of the snail book. I’ve heard of it before.


  3. THat picture of your outside reading spot – is that really where you read? UBER JEALOUS! It is not warm enough in Minnesota to even think of that yet… and yesterday was overcast and today is rainy…. I made it to hour 18 and then wiped out.

    I am stil reading today though 🙂


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