Is it my birthday?

Nope, but it sure feels like it……


Let me explain. Six months ago (on my actual birthday) Mr Whisperer bought me a Kindle as a surprise. I then spent many a happy hour downloading as many books as I could find for free from Amazon (all the classics etc). Last week my brother-in-law told me to take my Kindle down with me when we went to visit at the weekend…..this is where the excitement comes in…….as his friend had given him a disc with 1,700 free books on it and I could download them all!

I’m not kidding, I really think this is what it feels like when people tell you it’s like all their birthdays come at once! Oh my!

Pulling up a chair, I perused this vast catalogue of books and authors and alternating between doing little celebratory jigs and fanning myself down I managed to download over 400 books (with the rest still saved on discs for later). Here is just some of what I got:


Every book written by: Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, J K Rowling, Franz Kafka, Janet Evanovich, Barbara Kingsolver, China Mieville, Christopher Moore, Sue Grafton, Cormac McCarthy, Ernest Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Patricia Cornwell, Dennis Lehane, Lee Child, Chick Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman, John Wyndham, Orson Scott Card, Philip K Dick, Jules Verne……………etc etc

Random titles: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, Wolf Hall, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Postmistress, The Red Queen, Ape House, Cutting For Stone, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Freedom, The Kite Runner, The Angles Game, Angelology, Things Fall Apart, Solar, Middlesex, Mockingjay, Last Night in a Twisted River, A Confederacy of Dunces, Never Let Me Go, The Passage, Outlander, Live to Tell, In The Woods…………..etc etc


Somewhat confusingly, this lovely little lot seems to have given Mr Whisperer the impression that I won’t need to buy any more books for the next few years. I’ll let him live in his little fantasy for now…..


  Have you read any of the books or authors above? What do you think to my non-birthday pressie? 8)



32 thoughts on “Is it my birthday?

  1. Yes, I have read a lot of the authors and books above. I congratulate you with your haul, but for myself…

    You know, I have 30 books on my TBR and I worry about it. Having 400 books would be like…. a disaster!

    It’s a matter of attitude. If you see it as your own library that you can pick and choose from as you like, then it’s a wonderful thing to have. If you think you should actually read all those books (as I would, at least the way I think about TBRs at the moment), it would be too much.

    But oh, what a lot of great authors! Have fun reading!!!


  2. That is a wonderful. gift I hope get kindle soon ,but as my tbr pile is huge not sure I could cope with .1500 books in one go lol all the best stu


  3. Oh, you lucky thing..! Although I have yet to join the population of Kindle readers, I can imagine your excitement. I have read the Kite Runner and am jealous of you that you have that to come. It’s an amazing book, unforgettable. I would also higly recommend A Thousand Splendid Suns (also by Khaled Hosseini).

    I’ll be really interested to know your thoughts on The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, I keep picking it up in bookshops and putting it back, undecided on whether to buy it…


    • I keep being told that I will love Hosseini’s books, Lydia, so don’t know what’s stopping me reading them yet. I am curious about Lemon Cake too – not sure I would have bought it but now it’s free I’m going to give it a go soon.


  4. Holy shit Boof! I was expecting a bunch of no named, crappy books.. but man – you’ve gotten free books from some of the best, the classic, and the hottest authors out there. Atwood, Verne, McCormac, Dick – I am soooo green with envy right now!!

    You are going to need 2 more lifetimes just to read the books on your kindle 🙂


  5. 400 books! Wow! I thought my TBR was huge, but you beat me 🙂
    I have read many of the authors from the list. I love anything by Margaret Atwood. Never Let Me Go and In The Woods are among my favorite books.

    Hope you enjoy all of them!


  6. That might be the most amazing story I’ve heard all week. I might literally have passed out. I’d say you have quite a bit of fun in front of you. I know what you mean about the TBR room, BTW (I’ve got a whole room)-I can’t stress about how many books I have there. I’ll get to them when I get to them. I’ve probably got about 400 myself at this point. Which is the one thing holding me back from getting a Kindle. Can’ justify the expense with that much print to read.


  7. You are such a lucky girl!
    I picked In the Woods in a used book store in London last September because of your review of The Likeness I think. So you know Tana French is just great.
    I’d recommend The Angel’s Game to be read soon, because The Shadow of the Wind by the same author is my all time favorite and the sequel is pretty good, too.
    I have an e reader too and would be grateful for a bro-in-law like yours.:)


  8. What a great gift for a non birthday – imagine what your actual birthday gift will be!

    Vonnegut is one of the authors i really want to read. As for the titles you put up – i really want to read Never Let Me Go.

    I look forward to some reviews soon!


  9. A great gift Boof, especially for a book lover like you, but can I ask, are these legitimate titles? Forgive me if I’m wrong but it sounds like a bootleg collection to me.


  10. Wow, Boof…..just wow!!!! I am so freakin jealous!!! Although I am still not onboard the Kindle/Nook train, I can’t help but drool at all of the beauties you got for that thing!

    Would L-O-V-E to read some stuff with ya…I love Lehane and just got The Postmistress from my library. I can keep up with ya on Evanovich’s (I own just about all of them), and I own all of Sue Grafton’s (finished “B” on vacation), Lee Child’s, and Patricia Cornwell’s. Been wanting to read The Art of Racing in the Rain forever, I’m supposed to be reading Wolf Hall with Jeremy right now (I’m on page 8!), plus I enjoy Philippa Gregory so I’d be willing to tackle The Red Queen with you with a bit of notice. And did I mention that my dad owns everything Stephen King??

    So take your pick, my dear, and let me know! I’d really LOVE to actually read a book with someone for more than a day 😛 And enjoy your bounty…what a score!!!!!

    Also have a few books by Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman, and got The Kite Runner a while back at The Book House.


  11. Ahaha! Your last little comment killed me. 🙂 That’s what I say about the three piles of books on the floor that came free from publishers. My husband can’t figure out why I need to buy any when I have those, plus all the unread ones on the shelves.

    I just roll my eyes.

    That dirty great lot of books you got, though, wow! I’m not an ereader person but I’m jealous you got so many great books for free and all at once like that!


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