My World Book Night and a winner!

 Last night, for the first ever World Book Night, I took to the streets of Wakefield in my red coat, a sack of books slung over my shoulder and was chauffeured around by the very patient Mr Whisperer who looked at me, rolled his eyes, and said “You’re like the Santa Claus of the book world and you love it!” Yep.

I picked up my huge box of Life of Pi’s from my local Waterstones on Thursday and then set about wrapping some of them (the ones that I would leave on park benches etc for people to find) and carefully inserting a slip of paper in each one that told them Happy World Book Night and that I had a little gift for them and I hope they enjoyed.

After giving them a very curious look and prolonged sniff, Phoebe the cat appeared to approve.

My plan was to drive round Wakefield, books in tow, and drop copies through unsuspecting letterboxes. Shortly after setting off from home, we passed a lady out walking her two gorgeous dogs up by Sandal Castle so I hopped out and ran over to her waving a copy of the book. One of the dogs (Madison) took a great interest unitl she realised that it wasn’t a dog treat but her owner seemed grateful for the gift.

Next up was a bus stop where I left a wrapped copy of the book for someone to find outside The Three Houses pub.

From there I dropped some books through several letterboxes in Sandal, Hall Green, Crigglestone, Thornes and Lupset and left a few on benches and in more bus shelters too. Then we drove on to Horbury where I spotted an old peoples home so knocked on the door with 3 copies which were gratefully received.

Does my bum look big in this?

I also left a couple of copies on the main high street there and when I got home last night I had the most wonderful email waiting for me that said:

“Thank you so much for the Life of Pi. I found it tonight on a post box in Horbury. I will read it and let you know what I think.

I finished a book yesterday and was wanting a really good book to read. You made my night!


That made my night!

After that it was on to Ossett where I spotted a lady waiting with her dog outside a fish and chip shop so I ran over and gave her a copy. She very politely accepted and then said, almost embarassed, “but I haven’t got anything to give you in return.” No need, it’s freeeeeeeeeee!! Happy World Book Night lady in red coat with dog!

Then we did some more deliveries in Ossett before stopping at Morrsions Supermarket to leave a copy in a trolley for some unsuspecting shopper (or trolley person).

Finally, we headed to Wakefield train station with my few remaining books where I managed to offload some to two smartly dressed ladies, a cab driver and a lovely smiley young man with a funky hat who came back and asked if he could have one for his Auntie too (absolutely!)

Man with funky hat in background reading his new book! 🙂

And my night was complete. I really enjoyed doing my Santa Claus bit and making peoples nights with books. I wish I’d had more to be able to do some more areas too (maybe next year I will persuade Mr Whisperer to apply to be a giver too so we can double up).

Winners of copies of Life of Pi

The winners of my competition to win a copy of this fabulous book (a special World Book Night edition) are:

Marie and Leela Soma

And the winners from Louise’s competition to win the same book were:

Mrs_cb and Young1

Congratulations to you all and hope you enjoy! 🙂

46 thoughts on “My World Book Night and a winner!

  1. I loved reading this and looking at the photos. How very exciting it must have been. I so hope they decided to do this In Australia next year as I would be one of the frist to put up my hand to be Mrs Book Claus Mark 2! You did a great job 🙂


  2. Wonderful post! How generous of you to distribute the books!
    I hope we have something like this in my country too; I would love to play book Santa Claus 🙂


  3. OMG Mecca that is the most charming thing ever! What a lovely image of you running around Westfield gifting books! I love it!!

    P.S. Cheers to Mr Whisperer too for accompanying you. He really is such an amazing man. Doesn’t he have a single brother, cousin or anything just like him?? 😛


  4. Great pictures, Boof! It looks like such good fun. And Mr. Whisperer deserves an extra mention for being so supportive.

    Thanks for reporting back, it’s really nice to read about it.

    Congrats to the winners!


  5. Hi Boof !What a fabulous event ! I wish that took place in France as well…I love the idea.So much fun !

    Greetings from France !



  6. It is lovely to read such a story about how you delivered your books out into the world!

    I wish now that I had applied to have the chance to be a giver! Maybe next year.


  7. Such a great feeling to know that i won a book that i wanted for quite a long time – you have most definitely made my WEEK!!!

    Congrats to the other winners and THANK YOUUUU!



  8. Hahaha, so awesome. I love the description of you being a Book Santa Claus – brilliant. And your red wrapping paper looks pretty Christmassy too!


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