Boof’s Blah Blah Blah’s

 They’re back!

My  ladies what lunch haven’t had an airing for a while so I have let them loose today to gossip about all things bookish and on the horizon at The Book Whisperer.

The First Literary Blog Hop

This was hosted by Judith at Leeswammes and was a great success. Thirty blogs simultaniously participated in giving away books and I have a feeling that there will be a lot more wanting to contribute next time. Here at The Book Whisperer I offered a choice of 3 books and the winner was Andrea from GA in the USA and she chose East Lynne by Ellen Wood. I hope you enjoy, Andrea!

  World Book Night

The first ever world book night will be here in the UK on Saturday 5th March and I will be taking part. I will have 48 copies of Life of Pi by Yann Martel (one of my favourite books) to distribute so if you live in Wakefield in West Yorkshire – look out; you could be one of the lucky ones! My plan is to wrap the books up and post them through random letter boxes in the area with a note. It will be like Christmas!

I also plan to give a couple of copies away on my blog, so watch out for details of that coming up.

Are you involved in World Book Night? What plans do you have?

  Author Interviews

I have a couple of very exciting author interviews on their way soon:

Sophie Hannah who is the author of the psychological thriller series of books such as Little Face, A Room Swept White and her latest (and brilliant) book Lasting Damage will be answering questions this week and this will be posted after my review of the book.

On Tuesday I will be speaking to Kim Edwards, author of The Memory Keepers Daughter and her latest book, The Lake of Dreams (which I am currently reading and really enjoying).

Both authors are ones I love and admire so watch out for the upcoming book reviews and author interviews.


  New Kid on the Block

My lovely friend Kirsty, who I know through a Goodreads group and have also met twice in real life, has just started her own book blog called Blatant Biblioholic. It would be great if you could pop over there and give her some support. She reads lots of genres of books and writes great reviews so go over and get to know her 🙂


17 thoughts on “Boof’s Blah Blah Blah’s

  1. A lot of great blah blah, Boof!

    Yes, the giveaway blog hop exceeded many people’s expectations. “To be repeated” seems to be the general consensus.

    I’m so jealous I can’t participate in World Book Night. At the least, I will try and watch the 7.30 programme on Saturday next. I’m also watching all the “My LIfe in Books” programmes and loving it.

    I’ve had The Lake of Dreams in my hands in the book shop, and look forward to hearing what you think of it. Is it worthy of making its way to my shopping bag (via the checkouts of course)?


  2. Fun plans for WBN! I’m giving The Blind Assassin; I’m planning to abandon some, give some to strangers and others to people I know. I can’t wait!
    I wish I could go to the event in Trafalgar Square, but it’s a bit far for me…


  3. Boof, you’re such a sweetie! Thanks for advertising my blog, I’ve had 20 visits today from people who have clicked through from your blog!

    I can’t wait to read your author interviews. I loved Memory Keeper’s Daughter and want to read her new one and although I haven’t read any of Sophie Hannah’s books yet, I do own The Other Half Lives and plan to read it at some point this year. You are so lucky getting to interview all of these great authors!


  4. I agree with Lori – you are like the book fairy – i wish i was there!!!

    I will be eagerly looking forward to your Life of Pi giveaway – yet another book on my list of must reads!

    I shall be poppin over to your friend Kirsty’s blog shortly!

    Thanks 😀


  5. Hi Boof! I too am giving away that book as part of world book night… i don’t have a blog yet,but i’m hoping to reach out to the bookish online community and offer a few copies up 🙂

    i also thought of wrapping a few up and delivering them through random houses, i also plan to wrap some up and tape them to park benches 🙂

    look forward to reading your review for ‘Lasting Damage’ 🙂


  6. Hey Boof,

    Sent you an email a while ago but didn’t get a response. Have you sold your house yet? If not, my sister is interested in knowing where you are and cost. Shoot me an email?


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