This is where I blog

My front room

Welcome to my crib

This is where it all goes on…

This is where I blog and mainly where I read too (although in all honesty the reading part can happen anywhere – in the bath, at traffic lights, in a supermarket queue to name but a few).


My reading room

This is my front room and where I like to curl up after a day at work and chill with my books.  Fire on – check, lamp on – check, book ready – check!

My front room


But no reading / blogging room would be complete without a furry companion and I have two! My cats like to join me on the sofa and only open their eyes if I happen to stir slightly (in the hope that I may be getting up to head in the direction of the kitchen!)

Princess Saffy and Phoebe


Did someone say food???????


Do you have a special place that you like to read/blog?


47 thoughts on “This is where I blog

  1. I am GASPING with desire. That is one of the most beautiful reading rooms, no just room, I have seen. I’m so jealous!

    How old is your home? I love it. I’ve just spend the weekend reading British Country Living and British Country Homes and Interiors, and then here you go posting pics that look like they belong in the mags!! 🙂


    • I thought this would be your sort of style, Steph. It was built in 1645 (so nearly 400 years old) for Richard of York. This living room was kitchen and stables apparantly and you can see the sword marks in the stone where they used to sharpen them.

      It’s a lovely house (really full of character) and up for sale so get yourself over to England!!!!!


      • I somehow missed your answer to me. OH MY GOD, I can’t believe you live in such an awesome house. I mean, don’t take that the wrong way. It’s nothing personal; what I meant was, how did you score such a thing?? WOW!!!

        AND IT’S UP FOR SALE!!!!! I so wish with all my heart. I’ve been buying lottery tickets…


  2. Ah, as soon as I saw these photos, I thought of a book of mine they could have come from…English Country Homes.

    I LOVE that room…the gorgeous fireplace alone makes it, but the furniture, too…sofas, tables, everything!

    I want to be there! LOL


  3. Wow, what a lovely, cosy place….I am in awe, just the place you want to be and curl up with oh so British literature, a good crime fiction, a delicious victorian novel. The purrrrrfect place for a book …and cat lover.
    beautiful place, Boof, how lucky you are…

    I do not have time to read during the day except when I queue up at the supermarket or at the post office so I always carry my book with me.Otherwise I read in my sofa around 6 with a nice cup of tea when back from work to unwind, while the meal is getting ready (I often read while stirring a dish that’s on the stove for instance) and the kids are in the shower.I mainly read at night in my bed, I am not a TV person, and Arsene, my cat, loves to be my reading furry companion too.


  4. What a beautiful room! Your cats look like one of ours, Elliot (I tell people he is named after T S Eliot, but actually it’s Elliot from the US sitcom Scrubs…) Elliot likes nothing better than coming to sit on my lap when I am reading, and then trying to knock the book out of my hand whilst purring like a demon!


  5. Meant to say – looking forward to your reviews of The Camomile Lawn (one of my favourites) and Gallows View (I love Peter Robinson’s Inspector Banks novels…total escapism).


  6. Aww… your kitties look adorable! And your place looks so cosy.

    Back home I have a comfortable reading chair, a beanbag, and four feline reading companions. But at my temporary flat I mostly read on the couch 😛


  7. Love your reading space! I struggle to find a room where teenagers are not playing loud music/on the wii guitar hero/shouting into a mobile phone/hogging my computer. Love em really!


  8. Beatuiful room! I was wondering if it was an old house, and I see that it is. The Romantic in me wants to live in a space like yours. Your cats are lovely too. Mine is a stout black and white bossy old gentleman, who has claws and doesn’t mind using them on us, and the (shredded) furniture. I spend most of my reading time on, or in, my bed.


  9. I know I’ve seen it in person, but honestly, it’s like seeing it for the first time again. SOOO charming and SOOO lovely! I’ll forever be jealous.

    I can’t stop completely adoring your place!


  10. Your front room with that big, beautiful fireplace is lovely and so cozy! I was thrilled to see that you have 2 adorable cats, as well. It’s a perfect setting for kitties!

    You have a wonderful spot to relax and unwind after a long day. Enjoy!
    ~ Amy


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