Don’t you ever interupt me while I’m reading a book!

  “If you ever interupt me… betcha gonna see…..the   nasty me, the nasty me…..”

This video was apparantly in the top 10 most viewed videos on You Tube yesterday and it made me laugh as this is what I get like when I’m interupted when “I’m reading a book, man, I’m reading a book!”



I do often read in my car (not while driving, obviously, but I’m not sure I’d ever dare utter the line “I’m reading a book, pig, I’m reading a book!” ;))


  Does this ring any bells with anyone else?



30 thoughts on “Don’t you ever interupt me while I’m reading a book!

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  2. It’s true, I dislike being interrupted! God knows how difficult it is to carve out time for it. I don’t tend to get all that ugly, though. Well, maybe just a little bit…


  3. It’s super cool! 😀 I hate to be interrupted when I’m reading a book, especially if it’s a textbook. God knows how hard it is to get focus on the reading 😛


  4. I HATE being interrupted when I read – and my boyfriend thinks is the funniest thing ever to do. Bad bad combination 🙂 Have had quite a few fights on that account because he knows it is a sure way to provoke me.


  5. I always hide away to read when I’m with people. God, that makes me sound like I’m non-human, hehe. I always find it difficult to know whether it’s polite to read when you’re on a long journey with friends. Some people are fine with it, others seem to get offended…


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